Lumintop D2 Pocket Rocket ( 21700 )


Flashlight Enthusiast
Feb 15, 2009
Melbourne - Australia


Sent for review by *************

What I was sent to review is literally a pocket rocket . Not only does the D2 slip in and out of a trouser pocket without issue ( due to it's size ) but it also throws crazy for such a small light . And even though it is a thrower , it still has enough spill to be used as a walking light . Wow , what a time to be a flashaholic . Moderately or budget priced lights have come of age . What am I supposed to complain about ? I have had this light for some time now and there is simply naught to complain about ! It is just really well made . Ok , I personally dont care for the USB charging . I much prefer dedicated battery chargers and the ability to charge at a rate I am happy with . But it may be a feature that some people can use , especially when camping or using the light for security work and the light might need re charging on the go . Lets talk about measurements !

Parasitic drain - 1/10 of a milliamp
Low - 0.03A
Med - 0.39A
Hi - 0.94A
Turbo - 2.47A

These figures are what I was able to measure .

Throw : ( Did I call this light a pocket rocket ) Measured at 1 meter .

Low - 700Lux
Med - 10,500Lux
Hi - 20.500Lux
Turbo - 44800Lux

That's a lot of throw for such a small light . Lumintop seem to be going out of their way to make sure their flashlights have reach ! I don't know if the average person is going to need all that throw , certainly for people involved in Search / Rescue might find a pocket rocket useful . And for showing off ! Yeah bragging rights , how can I forget about bragging rights ! Every flashlight meet I went to , ended up in a throw N tell !
Did I mention there is enough spill for walking . I'm not sure if I will ever need to get out of medium mode and low mode is crazy low . At 0.03A current draw , the battery will last for ever ( probably not ) But to suck half an Amp from your battery will take over 10 hours and if you ran it every night all night , it might take you a week before you need to recharge it . ( Depending on the battery of course ) Yeah , get out your calculator and your highest capacity battery . Work out how long dark is and you might find that a 2000mAh 18650 gets you over the line . Speaking off ! An 18650 will fit and run just fine . But the light was made for a 21700 so you might want a spacer so the 18650 wont rattle . Easy enough to make if you don't have a plastic one .

The Lumintop D2 is a flashlight ( Pocket Rocket ) that you might want to consider … ( If the sample I was sent is the Norm ? Then I hold it in high regard )

A) A really well made light for it's price point
B) Crazy thrower for it's size
C) Very useful low ( 0.03A )
D) Sensibly spaced modes / light levels
E) Turbo really is Turbo
F) Hidden strobe SOS
G) Has lock out , ? ( I just unscrew the tailcap )
H) Very pocketable ( easy in and easy out )
I) 21700 / 18650 batteries ( Use 21700 if you can )
J) Did not come with a 18650 spacer ( an 18650 will rattle - really well )
K) Did come with / lanyard / Spare Orings / USB charge cable

I would like to thank ********** for sending me a really amazing little light for review .