Lumintop GT94vn - Quad SBT90.2 Ultra Output Thrower


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Nov 21, 2014
Prescott Az
After really putting this light through its paces I have to say it likely the best large searchlight out there.
I just cant make up my mind about the crazy weight. Pros and Cons for obvious reason.

GT94vn ~20,000L, 1.7Mcd, 2608m
MT90vn_+ ~ 5500L, 3Mcd, 3464m

If I have to pick one? Oh boy....
Gotta have both! Matminco MT90 Plus Vn, and the BLF GT94vn. I got my GT94's October and November last year, I just could not wait. I got my Matminco MT90 Plus Vn seven months ago.

The BLF GT94 is the power throw version of the Matminco MT90 Plus Vn, and the Matminco MT90 Plus Vn is the dedicated thrower version of the GT94. One can not replace the other. Gotta have both. One is the current dedicated thrower king. The other is the current power thrower king.

The GT94 has huge power throw performance that must be seen and had. Understandably, it is a big, heavy light. Any collection of pulse-quickening high performance lights is incomplete without it. The GT94 is the X65 with both more throw and more power.

Maximum throw with narrow beam, or wider beam with more power, but less throw: Which light is best? Both of them!