Lumintop PK25 2xAA Thrower


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Feb 15, 2009
Melbourne - Australia

sent for review by ************

What we have is a very nicely manufactured 2xAA thrower . This light is just a serious little thrower . I have nothing to complain about as the light is just so well made . It is how ever a thrower and as such does not make for the best walkabout flashlight , how ever ! For such a small light to throw so hard is perhaps something that many may have been waiting for . The light is a simple 4 mode light with a very easy to use interface . Push the tail clicky to turn the light on and off and a gentle tap to break the circuit to change modes . ( There is mode memory , so the light turns on in the mode you turned off in ) .

Power : Alkaline
Moon ( ultra low ) = 0.04 Amp
Low = 0.14 Amp
Medium = 0.65 Amp
High = 4.5 Amp

Turnigy AA Rechargeable
Moon = 0.04 Amp
Low = 0.16 Amp
Medium = 0.72 Amp
High = 4.65 Amp

On high , the light starts at 5A and then settles to around 4.5A to 4.65A depending on the batteries used .

Throw : In Lux measured at 1 meter .

Moon = 800Lux
Low = 4300Lux
Medium = 20,000Lux
High = 30,000Lux

Wow , the difference in throw between 0.65A and 4.5A current draw is ( efficiency ) . Past a certain point , you lose efficiency and it just takes more power to push past a certain point . Just like with drag racing … Once you have passed peak efficiency it takes massive amounts of horse power to make up tenths of a second . And so it is with emitters . But looks like the PK 25 has found a nice efficient spot at 0.65A …

This light was made to be a thrower , this light is a thrower . It is a small form factor light that could be used as a Varmint light . And due to it's lack of weight , easy diet of AA batteries and it's really good performance . I could see this light mounted on a .22 rimfire or Air Rifle for some night time Varmint hunting .

  1. Very well made ( excellent )
  2. Anodizing is excellent
  3. Tail cap fit is excellent
  4. Well packaged
  5. Came with lens protector ( like some cams )
  6. Fits in the pocket
  7. Throws
  8. Easy to use interface
  9. Very little battery play when shaken hard
  10. Easy to feed anywhere in the world ( you can buy AA anywhere )
  11. Strobe , hidden deep .. Took 6 taps of the tailcap to enact strobe .
I would like to thank ************** for sending the light for testing / review .
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The Hawk

Apr 20, 2009
Nice review. Looks like I might be adding this to my collection. Thanks for the info. I have a Lumintop 1AAA as one of my EDC lights.
Oct 26, 2009
Columbus, Ohio
I could have used a light like this during my time in the Navy. Below-decks machinery spaces on a capital warship are a Borg-like mashup of machinery, piping, catwalks, ladders, gauges, annunciators, and alarms. There is almost nowhere in these spaces that can be characterized as "open." A light with high lux, a narrow beam pattern, powered by cheap AA fuel, would be regarded as essential kit for every engineer, snipe, and other denizens of engine rooms.

If anyone in your family is in the Navy, get him or her one of these as a gift. You'll be their new favorite person.