Lumintop SDMini Video Review - 920 lumen 1x18650 300m Thrower!!!!


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Apr 8, 2016

My Addiction to flashlights started about 10 years ago when I bought my first Streamlight Stinger XTHP. After that I started buying any high power flashlight I could get my hands on and hoarding them in my house.

I have numerous flashlights that are around the same lumen output and comparing this one to all of them was pretty hard. This light is completely different than the other lights in the same lumen output category.

The size of this light is very practical and perfect for any type of use. The feel and touch is amazing and the knurling is unique for this light. The belt clip is one of the best clips that I have compared to any of my other Nitecore or Fenix lights.


The beam on this light is mostly a far throwing spot with 920 Lumens compared to the Cree XMl2 version that puts out right at 1000 lumens max. There is a spill that is useful but mostly this light will throw pretty far and will have a decent hotspot in the center. The hotspot isn’t as bright as my other thrower Nitecore MH27 but more of a smooth fade to the spill.

· Compact
· USB - Rechargeable
· High output
· Long Beam Distance

· Gets Very Hot
· Narrow Pencil beam
· Hard to connect to some micro USB Chargers

Led Emitter:

o Output Modes
§ Turbo – 920 Lumens (2hr)
§ High – 425 Lumens (3hr)
§ Med - 276 Lumens (5.5hr)
§ Low – 36 Lumens (36hr)

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