Lumintop TD15 LED color differences and dust/dirt on LED.


Newly Enlightened
Nov 4, 2009
Is it normal for there to be a different shade in the color on two same brand and model lights with the same LED? (Lumintop TD15 XP-G R5) One is bright white while the other shined on the same surface at the same time looks very slightly purplish tint with maybe a slightly smaller hot spot.

Also will you loose LED longevity or output if there is a particle of dust/dirt directly on the LED itself?

I'm going to try and get a picture later tonight to see if I can get the photos to come out well enough, being my first beam-shots.

I noticed the TD15 lens is a dust magnet too, attracts dust big time while my iTP A1 eos that sits in the same area gathers almost none on the lens.