*** Maelstrom MXS 2nd Run


Newly Enlightened
Oct 9, 2022
Austin, TX
Still loving my MXS, and today noticed 2 funny things:
1. turbo sometimes steps down immediately (like 1/2 second or something) instead of staying active for 30 seconds.
2. sometimes I can get a double-click to turn the light off instead of activating turbo.

#1 happened out of the blue just after turning it on, which made me try to re-create the issue, which led me to observe #2 as I was clicking around.

Seems like I can make it act funny when activating turbo (with double-click), then long-press to step down out of turbo, then double-click again. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't, and I think it always behaves as expected if I wait 5 seconds between mode changes.

So.....can anyone else with one of these fine torches monkey around with it and let me know if you observe any erratic behavior?
I just got one of these and had this problem #1. I found that when my light isn't screwed together very tight it will do #1. Once I tighten it then it will stay on turbo for 30 seconds every time and not just immediately drop back to high. So, it was just that the (-) connection was too poor and the light thought the battery voltage was sagging!