Magcharger setup and battery questions


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May 22, 2014
Hi all,

I have read so many posts over the last few days and have a tonne of information swimming in my head. Rather than posting multiple questions in many old threads I thought it prudent to make a post of my own.

I have two magcharger flashlights they both run Intec 6V 3.5AH battery packs which are now about three to four years old but seem to be ok.
I have been using the stock Magcharger bulb but buying here in Australia can cost up to $25 dollars each. And lets face it. The don't last too long in a high shock environment. (Jumping rail lines in a vehicle, being thrown at people)

I was thinking of the LED conversions, but don't think they suit my needs very well. I often go into abandoned warehouse size buildings with no lighting and railyards (again with no lighting). I need a little flood but as the vehicle has spotlights that is not a huge concern. (I would like to keep ability to adjust my mag for throw or flood though). As we often chase people who are up to 200m away throw is my main concern.

I have tried searching for the recommended bulb upgrades and have found the Philips 5761 in a local store..At $26 each. I have found the other bulbs and the 5761 online but when you add shipping they become more expensive.

I would like to try an extension to the housing so I can fit six of the 1/2D's for 7.2V But even for that I am having trouble finding the 1/2D's at a decent price. I have seen a lot of talk about fitting in AA's in cradles. Can someone please tell me what I would need to do this? (In simple terms though and I would like to keep the light to a minimum of it's stock length, longer is fine) Bare in mind I have ham fisted soldering skills. Or is there an easier solution than the 6 1/2D/AA route? If it's too hard I know I can just run the stock battery but just looking for the comfort of a little more run time if needed.

I have only one charger and that came with one of the Mag's I got second hand. It's not genuine and the specs on it are: Digitor 100-240V, 50-60Hz, 180mA, Output 12VDC @ 0.7A max. I know the specs don't all match up with the genuine charger. I have yet to find one of those online for (again) a decent price. Any recommendations for what to look for in a replacement?
I have no problem leaving the torch for 12 hours in the cradle between shifts. But if I change the battery config it looks like it will take much longer to properly charge if I can still use it at all.

For now (If they are available) I will be getting Fivemega's ceramic slug mod, MOP Aluminum reflector and the extension if needed.

Thanks to anyone who can take the time to read through that essay and respond :)


Dec 15, 2009
First of all, you need to get over the idea of 1/2D cell batteries.
You can get the same capacity and over all better performance by switching to 26650 Lifepo4 or Li-mn Cells.

A pair of MNKE 26650 cells with give you the same 3.5Ah capacity but with the voltage output of 6 1/2D cells you are looking for.
Add to that the fact that they are smaller and shorter, you won't need to add extensions.

Basically, you'll make a battery sleeve for the inside out of 1" PVC tube, cause the 26650's are narrower. Then you just need a dummy cell to take up the extra space.
A piece of copper pipe with a couple caps on the end about the same width as the batteries will do.

You'll need to buy a new charger to charge these batteries. Their all over ebay. The Nitecore I2 or I4 seems to be a good choice.
You'd have to remove the batteries from the light to charge them, but that's no big deal.

It will be a costly investment but worth it in the long run, especially for a working mans light.
You can top off the batteries at any time without worry of wearing them out, you'll always have a fresh light,
and 26650 batteries are smaller then what you have now and you can carry and extra set on you more comfortably.

The 5761 is a great bulb, but their are 2 problems. It's a hotwire bulb, meaning advanced users run it beyond it spec ratings to get more out of it.
Run at it's stock 6v it's ok, but going to be a touch yellower looking then your current bulb.
The 5761 sings when it's over volted, but 2 IMR cells may flash it unless you use regulation or a thermistor mod.
To top it off, when you overdrive a bulb, it can have a much shorter life, and be more shock sensitive then normal.
Based on your application, I would opt for a bulb that is running more within it's tolerances.

Furthermore, at over 5a of current draw, you'll drain your batteries in a short period of time.
For your applications, I would want to tailor my light to give me at least a solid hour of continuous use on one charge.

Also, it's a physically larger bulb, I have found that it does not focus and throw as well as a smaller bulb.

Fivemega has a couple bulbs that I would try that you could order with reflector that would work well with 26650 IMR cells.

In this thread I would consider the 1274U.
It's physically identical to the magcharger bulb but with twice the wattage rating. You can expect it to be brighter but with the same beam pattern.
Also, at 7.2v it's right in the sweet spot to run off a pair of IMR26650 batteries while providing a good service life.
You should also get over an hour of runtime.

The other bulb he has in stock you can try is the: G4 Bi-pin FM Axial (6.6V, 3.3A)
Now you'll be batting about 25-27 watts, with just about an hour or run time.
It also has an Axial filament, which means the coil is positioned sideways. What this does is allows you to get a really focused beam with a tight hotspot.
That might be what you need to throw 200m.

If it were me, for the price he wants, and what bulbs cost down there, I'd buy several of each.
Both of these bulbs will fit in the fivemega reflector with the smaller opening and will focus tighter and provide more throw then the 5761.
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May 22, 2014
Thank you very much. By the look of things I was reading older posts and had not gotten to where I needed to be. I understood all of what you said and to me it makes sense. I will take a look at the post you shared. I don't mind taking the batteries out to charge and as you say, I can carry a few spares. Thanks again


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Jan 28, 2003
M*gCharger battery has about 32mm diameter and length of 180mm with 6 Volt and capacity of (2200, 2500, 2600 NiCad) or (3500mAh NiMH)
2x21700 has about 21.5mm diameter and length of 150mm with 7.4 Volt and capacity of 5000mAh
It will be a good idea to switch to 2x21700 if you willing to individually charge them with proper charger.

LEDs can take 1.4 Volt extra but for incands there are many long life 6 volt bulbs (5W, 10W, 20W and 30W) to choose from.
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