Flashlight Enthusiast
Nov 17, 2007
South Carolina
Welcome norfolk. In short, no. But, there are tons of other "upgrades" you can do to a amg-lite to make it bright. Do a search for "ROP". Also, when searching, try spelling mag as "M@g" instead.

While it's easier to do on a 2C M@g, you could get a 9-Volt bulb (6D), and put 3 ea. CR123's batteries in you 2D, and use PVC Pipe/Rubber Hose etc. to fill in the extra space. You would also have to clip about 1/2" of the tail spring off to make it just a hair shorter, and also to center the spring, so it makes contact with the smaller diameter CR123's. This will give you the brightness of a 6D M@g in a 2D M@g package. You can even replace the Krypton bulb with a Magnum Star Xenon.

There's tons of well documented upgrades...just do a little searching/reading to find the one the best suits your needs. Oh, also search "hot wire". Again, Welcome to CPF!