Making my own pouch, maybe


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May 27, 2011
I'm not really finding the perfect pouch for me at a price I want and I'm thinking of making my own. The Condor 191028-008 First Response Pouch comes close, but ideally it would have no buckle, a zipper only under the flap (not exposed on the sides), and a flap with some side protection. I was thinking of getting a much cheaper pouch and adding a flap, but I'm not sure where I'd get the fabric or if it would be worth it. There's one thing I have no clue about: is there some kind of stiffener used under the nylon fabric? I know that cardboard is used in some cheap products but I'd want something waterproof that's used in the better products, assuming such a thing is used.


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Aug 9, 2015
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An arts n crafts store should have some kind of thin plastic 'board' you can custom cut to fit.

Maybe a sewing store as well.

My mom used to sew that stuff into the corners of collars of dress shirts she'd made.