Making traditional pipe smoking more flexible and inclusive with vaping?



May 31, 2014
There is no doubt that electronics are extremely convenient in the modern world, and this is what makes vaping quite appealing.

However, I am sure there are people who will always like the rituals associated with the processes of creating and controlling fire. Flipping open the zippo lighters (or striking the matches) and then watching the roll of tobacco whittle down are a few examples that you are likely familiar with. Electronic coils of e-devices tends to take away the luster of traditional smoking.

Has there been any successful company that has created a vaping-pipe, non-electronic hybrid? By that, I am talking about a kind of pipe where you used the bowl of the pipe to familiarly scoop up your preferred, canned substances and then used the giving heat of the combustion to work your vaping liquids. Note, that vaping solution and the combustive materials are separated from each other and you are not inhaling the combustion directly. Besides providing heat, the combustion is there for the smell and for your enjoyment. Of course, you would still be cautious with the toxicity of the combusting materials used since you are exposed to the minute particulates the same way you would still be to an operating fireplace.

More conveniently, when you are not interested in inhaling during a particular day, you can still directly smoke the combusting tobacco with the same device by switching the pathways of the pipe (making it a traditional pipe).

Does this device sound very interesting to you guys? And if such a device has already been created, where can I buy one? I don't consider the hookah to be a vaping device.
Thank you very much in advance.


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Aug 9, 2015
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Big tobacco has a heated tobacco cigarette that is a huge hit in Japan. It'll be in the US after they get past some more FDA hurdles (eh-hem, I mean a few more "contributions" to the cause.)

If it works, maybe a pipe version will happen.
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