Malkoff Devices LED P60 drop-ins: which ones had 6-8deg optics?


Sep 14, 2008
Q: Which of the Malkoff P60-type LED drop-in modules over time have had 6º or 8º optics? (Am looking for full specs/details on such modules. Am looking to track down one for purchase.)

I have a M60LL module with the Khatod 6º optic ... and it's wonderful. Only 80 lumens, but it makes the most of every photon coming out the front of that lens. Basically, I'm looking for a 230+ OTF lumen version of that. Any optic lens (or reflector) maker, but something with a tight 6-8 degree focus.

As well ... if you've got one, I would like to consider offering to purchase the module from you (aka, your basic 'drive-by' purchase :p).

The wider optics, nice as they are, simply don't do it for me. I'm all for a clean, well-manage beam, but I am looking for tight dispersion of the light, with fairly decent throw and a good hot spot. An optic lens or reflector under 10 degrees with a fairly tight beam pattern would do it.

Malkoff LED's that have decent throw that I am aware of include:

  • M60 -- CREE 8º optic, 350+ ft throw, CREE XRE 7090 Q5 LED chip, 235+ OTF lumens.
  • M61W -- McGizmo McR-xx OP reflector, 350+ ft throw, CREE XP-G R5 LED chip, 240+ OTF lumens.
  • M31W -- McGizmo McR-xx OP reflector, 350+ ft throw, CREE XP-G R5 LED chip, 0.8V - 3.3V input, 230+ OTF lumens.