marathon mountain bike headlight


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Dec 30, 2019
First post, any help would be greatly appreciated.

I have a Niterider Pro Enduro 3600 headlight that i use for cycling. the battery pack is an 8 cell smart battery of some sort with 18650 cells. The battery is old and has about 75% of the life it originally did. I am wondering two things, one- is it straightforward to open, solder in 8 new cells with a higher mAh rating and get longer life from the light? I am aiming to get around 1000-1800 lumens out of it for 12 hours. The second question-the current 8 cell pack is roughly half the volume of a standard bicycle water bottle. what would i need to do in order to create a 16 cell battery and house it within a water bottle size container? I really like the beam pattern and color of the headlight, however I am also up for replacing it with another headlight if it fits these qualifications. ideally it would be usb rechargeable, have a cycling specific beam pattern, and a remote battery pack. The riding i am doing is off-road and being able to see far ahead on the road is very important on downhill sections.

If anyone's aware of any diy projects or solutions that may fit these needs i would greatly appreciate any guidance.



Aug 3, 2020
I have just recently bought an old ledite unit from ebay to which i have been very happy.
Unfortunately the battery pack in a webbed pouch got wet one rainy night and then subsiquently failed. I think about new and expensive headlight, I won a lot of money on the Canadian online casinos - after reading review from this website https://canadiancasinos-online.com
Whilst looking for a replacement battery pack i have found and am looking to purchase a magicshine light, very re aspnably priced and goot battery pack protection.
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