MatthewM's Twin Triple Revisited...


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May 11, 2017
Hi Folks,
Back in 2010 I bought one of CPF member Matthew's twin/triple board bike light housings (see link below) and a set of Lux-RC L-333 triple light engines from Quazzle. I built it all up but it just wouldn't work.

What with overthinking 'the problem' at the time, inadequate information, pressures of family & work & 'general dispiritedness' I never got the thing sorted out. With the sun out this morning, a visit to Jaycar for some alligator clips & a set of proper LUX-RC L-334 application notes (thanks Znomit) I've at last got it working (the Master unit anyway). I hadn't fried the board as I'd assumed I had! Now I just have to get the slave working & then figure out how to assemble it in the limited space the housing provides.

So a question - the Lux-RC Master/Slave set-up uses a tiny momentary or 'tactile' switch set in behind a dimple on the rear plate of the housing (see pic). I'd be interested to know how others have managed to make such switches waterproof (or at least 'rain proof'). The switch doesn't protrude above the level of the rear cover so I though I might be able to just stick some very thin flexible material over it like a membrane.
Any pointers to suitable materials to do this? Or any other solutions?

thanks, Sam.

ps; I seem to recall that CPF had a separate 'Bicycle Lighting' forum - was this the case & if so, what happened to it?

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