MBI #4 - Get Ready to meet Zeus™


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Apr 21, 2010
Guy, I'm absolutely floored that your estimated proto costs for something so intricate are only $150. Looks amazing - that black AL/CU is super eye-catching.


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Dec 11, 2009
Wow - beautiful - the single tone!
Thank you phosphor22 :D

Nice. Any clip? Trit slots are in the tail right? Approximate dimensions?
Hi gunga,
I had designed a clip for Zeus but for V1 Apollo, it will most likely be a no-clip version to avoid delaying it any further.
Trit slots: yes,in the tail (3 of them).
Approximate dimensions: 12.4cm x 2.4xm (diam)
My original proto is 10.4cm but it grew a little to add the rotary mode selection.

Very nice!
Thanks newbie66;)

I can't wait! Thank for the update!
Thank you too th8tredude :D

Hi , that is a very good looking flashlight, good luck in your flashlight. I am looking forward to seeing the first run of them ! I really like the way you are putting the trits in I miss the leds
Hi Jannojj,
Thank you for your post.
The LED for V1 will be Nichia219/CreeXPL
Possibly something else in the future but for now, using a single footprint/size simplifies production and ensures a good match with the reflector.

Looks great!
Thank you NowIC;)

Guy, I'm absolutely floored that your estimated proto costs for something so intricate are only $150. Looks amazing - that black AL/CU is super eye-catching.
Hi calipsoii,
Thanks so much for posting :)
My honest guess is the real cost will stretch beyond that but I'll just eat the cost for this first proto-batch as I want to get these made and into the hands of the tribe. If the $150 can get close to covering the machining cost, it will be ok for me.

I'm in whatever come out first... This have been a really long wait.
Thank you eurypylus :thumbsup:

It goes without saying we all hope you and your family are safe
Thank you Iamnuts,
Thoughts much appreciated. The seismometers in this part of the world are going a little crazy right now.
Fortunately, the epicenter is quite far from where I'm located but the constant aftershocks are never any fun for those close by (as we had a few years ago in Tokyo).

Those two tone designs look excellent :thumbsup:
Thank you Bigmac_79 :D
Always nice to see you here!

I'm currently awaiting some final confirmations before I can give a go ahead on the Apollo proto's.
I have already confirmed most things but I want to be sure as I possible can be.

Functionally, I expect it to have everything the production version will have but for the moment,
I can confirm that in the proto-version, to avoid doubling the cost, we'll have to forgo:
1) custom knurling on the selection/rotator part
2) simplify the copper drop-in design (to use something like a copper sinkpad instead of mounting the PCB directly to the drop-in)

Everything else, seems to be in order and expecting to have the final specs confirmed this week.


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Jul 11, 2015
Hi Guy!

I'd like to know if I made the list or not for the Zeus. That way I'll know to save the money or spend it somewhere else! Could you please let me know yes or no? Thanks!


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Jul 4, 2012
Very quiet here any news on zeus, or anything. Hope your OK.

It's quite on his matchlight project too. I was thinking something happened to him. His project shipping deadline is coming up soon. I think it's unusual for him to go dark for 2months. I hope he'll post again last min.

Edit: He did just that. So he fine just have been very busy.
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Jul 11, 2015
Guy just posted this in the HR thread:

Dear Tribe,

Sincere apologies for the silence :mecry:

Unfortunately, I'm currently not in the best of health (and doing my best to keep up with keeping up) hence I've been completely offline for the most part of the last couple of months. I do expect things to improve but until then, posting is a challenge.

I'm grateful for your thoughts but I'll be happiest when I'm able to be back posting, doing (and I will be) ... (so, please do hold back on pity posts etc.)

Apologies in advance for inconveniences in the meantime and I do very much look forward to doing more of more when the time comes.


So he lives! Now we must wait for his health to return and then we shall see amazing things again! Guy, I can't wait to get a Zeus!!