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McGizmo Product Overview

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Nov 26, 2002
Old World
This thread's purpose is to provide a complete overview of all regular McGizmo products. It displays current offerings as well as no longer available older lights and parts including pictures for reference.

You want to know more of a certain product ... look at the FAQ sticky in this forum.


McLux I Series (Original)


McLux Head (original) with McFlood reflector, NX-optic or IMS so17xa, McR-18
McLux-PR Head with 27mm PM6 reflector / McR-27
McLux-PR/T Head with same reflector


1xCR123 Tail with Kroll Clicky
2xCR123 Tail with Kroll Clicky
3xCR123 Tail with Kroll Clicky

All parts are E-series compatible.
The tails were offered in a Nickel-plated finish except some rare ones in HA-BK. The same is true for the original head whereas the PR and PR/T heads came in HA-BK and HA-NAT.

The McLux-TK was the very first custom light on CPF that was widely available, and it started Don's light offerings. This light is the standard head on an 1x123 tail sporting the numbered ti clip. Numbers over about 125 are no TK lights but use the excess of clips ordered.


McLux II Aleph Series


Aleph1 Head with McR-27
Aleph2 Head with McR-20
Aleph3 Head with McR-38
Aleph19 Head with McR-19

All heads use the interchangeable Aleph Light Engine (LE) where the LED and driver (of your choice) is located.


1xCR123 Tail
2xCR123 Tail
2xCR123 Tail Flared
1.5xCR123 Tail
1xCR2 Tail Flared


Aleph 2-Stage Tailcap Iterations see pic above.
FT-versions sport the "hair-trigger" switch.


Aleph-McClicky-Mule ... an Aleph Mule head on a 1x123 Power Pack with an integrated McClicky switch and ti-clip. EN-plated.

The HA-Slate Aleph-Mule head is sold by the Sandwich Shoppe.

Also available in limited quantities as a High CRI variant:


Other E-Series compatible lights and parts


Titanium E-Series 1xCR123 Pack with a McClicky switch using anew and soft boot requiring only one additional o-ring instead of two in the assambly. Slightly modified rear end when compared to the McLuxIII C-Pack and front end is E-Series compatible, not McLuxIII-compatible.


Titanium E-Series 2xCR123 Pack with a McClicky switch. Same as above, only longer. 17670 not guaranteed to fit. This body has the same design as the Cx2-Pack of the MxLuxIII-Ti-Series, but sports a short clip and is not interchangeable.


Titanium E-Series 2xAA Pack with a McClicky switch at the rear end, no interchangeable tailcap just as the packs above, front end is E-Series compatible. Runs well with Don's 1xCR123 E-Series lights like the SunDrop or the Haiku, converting them to AA batteries.



The SunDrop is a titanium E-Series light driving a Nichia 083 High CRI LED (Bin: d2 color, P14 flux, M Vf) for a perfect color rendition as primary objective. It uses a custom made sapphire lens to focus the bam more than the Mule heads do. It will be offered with various converters. The body is similar to the McClicky pack above while the head is a new creation. The LE is not Aleph-compatible without some modifications.

Here's the info thread about this light:


The SunDrop XP is the SunDrop head from above with a SOB333 driver using the above mentioned 2x123 E-Series Pack. The advantage of this light over the standard SunDrop is a regulated runtime of about 05:45 hours.

Thread with runtime graph here:


The XR-U Head is a next generation SD head that is a little longer allowing the use of virtually any LED on the LE and offering a somewhat more collimated but still evenly distributed beam for more reach with a similar beam pattern and a tighter beam angle as the SD. It is E-Series compatible.

The thread about this one is here:



The Haiku is an E-Series compatible light that uses a Cree Q5 with a McR-17 powered by a 3-speed converter for 4, 30 and 135 lumens out the front. It uses either a CR123 primary or an RCR123 Li-Ion cell.


The Haiku XP-G uses the XP-G LED (R5 bin) for a flux of 185 instead of 138 lm and a somewhat different beam pattern. Otherwise the same as the Haiku.


The Makai is an E-Series compatible head with a 38mm reflector designed for throw. It fits all three titanium E-Series bodies physically, the various possible battery chemistried depend on the used LE in the head. The initial offering uses the XP-G LED at 660mA.




This is the first light in the McLuxIII-Series.
Stand-alone light (not E-Series compatible) on 1xCR123/Li-Ion with a regulated high and low mode and lots of technical improvements over the older series. Uses the McR-20 known from the Aleph Series and comes in HA-DSG (dark slate gray) or HA-NAT as well as in limited edition colors like chrome.
The last lights were offered as McLuxIII-PD-S versions sporting the Seoul P4 LED.

A limited option is the so-called McLuxIII-T which is a titanium version of the McLuxIII without the piston-drive and therefor twist-only activation. It uses a TY0H LED at 525/25mA and has a removable heatsink for LED-upgrades.


The McLuxIII-Ti-PD is a cosmetically slightly different version of the McLuxIII-PD in titanium sporting a new GDx2 driver by dat2zip and all the goodies ... ti bezel, new clip with ti-screws and tritum in the ti piston.



It also has the removable aluminium heatsink that the McLuxIII-T offers and was offered with various LED bins and the usual drive levels as well as a now softer momentary action of the piston due to a more recessed spring.




Another stand-alone light using the McR-45 powered by 2xCR123 or Li-Ion including the PILA168A/18650 cells. Straight forward and rugged light with regulated high and low mode. It is offered in LuxIII (DBx2 917/150) and LuxV (NBBx2 700/100) flavours.
The McLuxIII-HD45-S uses the Seoul P4 LED instead of the LuxeonIII or Luxeon V.




The third light in the McLuxIII-Series, this time with the McR-27L and a DBx2 driver. Think of it as a hybrid between the PD and the HD45 on a 2x123 chassis. Comes with a LuxIII UX1K and offers extreme toughness and technical finesse. Alternate versions include the LuxV variant with the NBBx2 driver as seen on the HD45 above ... and ... the McLuxIII-27LT-S with the Seoul P4 LED instead of the LuxIII.




Initially those lights have been called the "mCree" lights because of their use of the Cree XR-E LED, but in the advent of other new Power LEDs like the Seoul P4 LED had to be renamed and are now part of the McLuxIII Series.

The McLuxIII-Ti-Series are sold in titanium only and sport the Cree XR-E and Seoul P4 LEDs. The offerings include a modular set of two heads (XR19 and XR27) and two bodies (PD and C) while using the venerable McLuxIII concept as a basis. For more info about those lights please refer to the FAQ and the McLuxIII-PD FAQ.

With the advent of the Seoul P4 LED sporting the same die as the Cree XR-E (the EZ1000), the XR27 head became the S27 head now using the Seoul P4 as this LED has a more lambertian beam pattern better suited for the McR-27L, similar to the Luxeon LEDs. Only very few of the Cree XR27 heads do exist.

The first 2xCR123 light of the Ti-Series is the McLuxIII-S27-Cx2:


The Mule
is the McLuxIII Ti-Series flood head that mates with the 1-cell bodies. It has no optical elements (reflector or optic) and sports the same driver and drive currents as the others (GD 525/25 mA) and a XR-E LED. Here's a picture on a PD body:


The LunaSol head is an addition to the McLuxIII-Ti-Series where the low beam is produced by a ring of floody Nichia 310CS LEDs, adding two beam patterns to the two light levels of the Series:


And the "little brother", the LunaSol20 head with 3 Nichia 310DS LEDs surrounding an Osram Golden Dragon LED in a 1" head.



The Aleph19-XRE is a Cree-adapted Aleph19 light sold through the Sandwich Shoppe. Please see there for more info.


Other Parts and Lights


The Sapphire, an AAA powered titanium light using a Nichia DS 3mm LED and the ArcAAA driver, all behind a sapphire window.

Also available as a Mule variant with the Nichia 083 High CRI LED:


The Sapphire 25 uses a constant current driver running the LED at 25mA. Look here for more details:


McR-XX Reflectors ... see this thread for further discussion. Also have a look at the FAQ Master Sticky for reflector nomenclature.


Titanium Bezel Rings that fit the McLuxIII-PD, the Aleph2, the Aleph19, the Arc4 and the HDS EDC.


Titanium Bezel Rings for the Aleph1 in extremely limited number.


McClicky switch module ... a universal clicky switch module that will fit the new McTC Tailcap (see below) or any Aleph Tailcap ... or any other host you design for it. It offers momentary and constant mode and is not a reverse clicky.


McTC Tailcap ... an E-Series compatible tailcap that accepts the McClicky switch module. In HA-BK and NAT.


Clips by Don ... SS and titanium


E2C-Adaptor to join a C-Series head to an E-Series body in HA-BK.


Dumb Mule Head for the SF L1 flashlight. This is a special Mule head without any electronics and fits the SF L1 as a floody replacement for the original head. Uses Cree Q4 and sapphire window in the first run.


Web Coil Tethers ... it won't get any cooler than those. Here's the details:

Custom parts and one-of-a-kind lights are not mentioned in this thread.



Nomenclature of McGizmo lights and components

Ever since the appearance of power LEDs other than the Luxeon Series worthy of consideration for us flashaholics the nomenclature of lights and components has basically become a nightmare.
Please have a look at the FAQ Master Sticky for a precise nomenclature of McGizmo's lights and parts.
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Nov 26, 2002
Old World
The XR27 head of the mCree Series of lights now sports the new Seoul P4 LED and is named S27 head. More info in the FAQ.
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