McLux Black Widow head in my parts bin...


Flashlight Enthusiast
Jan 9, 2003
SW Orlando
I was looking for a new glow gasket for my TW4-ish rig and noticed that I still have a new McLux Black Widow head that I didn't build out. I've got quite a few converters, and some "choice" LuxV emitters to put in it, but thought it might be a good host for something with a little more OOMPF. My biggest concern is heat dissipation. There isn't a great deal of mass to these heads, and if coupled with a single-cell body there won't be much more to manage the heat. It seems that the newer emitters tend to run cooler, but I've not tried to use one in a build. In fact, it's been at least three or four years since I actually built out a light.

Any good suggestions? I don't have a McLux body/tail to put it on, but it will look great on an E1B body or black E2 body...


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