Mighty pens & slaying Big Battery with the Sword of Truth

Got Lumens?

Flashlight Enthusiast
Mar 12, 2011
Champlain Valley

I took a break from the Bamboo Fountain Pen Kickstarter project a little ways back to put blade to backyard bamboo and try my hand at making a real bamboo fountain pen. The old way fashioned way.

Fortunately my backyard is filled with bamboo and the Internet is filled with videos of brave pioneers who came before. It is while standing upon their shoulders that I humbly submit my own chronicled attempt at this writing tool of yesteryear.

Give a shot on your own. It's surprisingly simple and thoroughly satisfying.

Watch the How-to Video

Make the Switch. Save the World

Here's the dirty little secret Big Battery doesn't want you to know: Disposable alkaline batteries are bad for you. Like really bad.

Bad for your wallet, bad for your electronic devices, bad for the planet.

And yet people keep buying them.

Want to see just how little sense disposable alkaline batteries make? Watch the short video above, then
Make the Switch.
Watch the Video

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