Mod for a Small Camp Lantern 60 Led that uses 18650 Lithium battery

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Jan 25, 2016
These small 60 Led camp lanterns put out fairly good light for smaller areas inside a tent and outside.

What I like about these lanterns is they use a 18650 lithium battery that can be easily recharged and hold a charge for a reasonably length of time.

The 60 Led lanterns come in different configurations (some include a small solar panel) but the more common is a 18650 battery compartment with a three way switch for low, med. and high led settings.

To see pics search for 60 Led lantern on ebay or google.

These lanterns are fairly light and inexpensive. I found a couple for around $5.00 each on eBay and make a great addition to your camping gear. The lanterns aren't extremely heavy duty as are some more expensive camping lanterns but can withstand some abuse, moving around, dropping, etc.

These lanterns don't put out enough light for large areas (unless using more than one) but are good for illuminating smaller indoor and outdoor areas such in and around tents, etc.

After receiving the lantern I created a mod by installing a 5 volt usb lithium battery charge board TP4056 into the lantern. (can be found from under $1.00 to around $3.50 each). Then connected the TP4056 board to the battery connectors. Now the lantern can be both powered and charged using any USB connection.

There are different versions of lithium battery charge boards. the pic of the TP4056 from the link below accepts input using a min-usb connector and cable from any usb port.

TP4056 to see pic search for "TP4056" on eBay or google.

Fits fairly well next to the lanterns battery holder, requires a little glue or hot melt glue to secure the TP4056.

I needed to cut a rectangular hole in side of the lantern for the charge boards mini-usb connector, and installed my own thicker wiring from the pcb to battery compartment. You can also use the lanterns wiring if careful enough not to break the solder connections. There is also a manual switch located inside with the wiring. (Some caution is required not to break any of the lanterns internal wiring between the switch and battery holder.)

The mod allows one to both battery charge and power the Led lantern from any usb connection.
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