Modding A Sunwayman V10RTi


Feb 7, 2014
Hey all
I am after some input off you guys and anyone who has an artists bone in their body (which i have not)
Mr J Hanko has kindly agreed to mod my Sunwayman V10RTi which will be cherished by me and handed down to kids and grandkids.
He is going to turn down and groove the body and extender.
He will also be milling drilling and fitting a number of trit vials in it. Actually a lot of trit vials (102 to be exact with clip)
Also he will be adding a Trefoil clip and adjusting the magnetic control ring to achieve a lower low.
Now this is going to cost a small fortune (could buy a decent car here in Oz with it) so i really want to get it right and make it a one off work of art.
Below is the set up :

9 in the Bezel @ 1.5 x 6mm
9 in the Collar @ 1.5 x 6mm
30 in the Extender @ 1.5 x 5mm
18 in the Tail @ 1.5 x 5mm
36 in the Fins @ 1.5 x 5mm

Now i need to decide on a colour scheme and thought i would throw it out there as many heads are better than one especially to the artistic types.
The 6mm ones i would be using blue, pink and purple (mixed up in the collar and bezel)
The 5mm ones i would be using ice blue, blue, green and yellow (mixed up in the extender, tail and fins)
BUT i am struggling to decide on a colour scheme and how to make it so its pleasing to the eye and not awash with too much colour. I want it to flow and fade in and out from top to bottom if you know what i mean.
Should i stick to a few basic colours ?
Is there an artistic rule as to what to mix and what not too ?
If you were doing this to yours how would you do it ?
Any help and pics of examples would be greatly appreciated
Thanks in advance


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Jun 4, 2007
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Mar 10, 2011
I have a swm with only ice blue trits and blue glow powder. Whilst it is 'nice' (to me anyway), I would go for rainbow colouring with so many trits being installed.

My light

Other lights I like the look of


I particularly like the swm with same colours grouped together in this lot. It's like a slow/gradual colour transition (but it's really just 2 white trits separating 4 of each colour)