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Sold/Expired Modified Custom M4 SOLD!

Bullet Bob

Jun 6, 2008
M4 head.jpgM4 flashlight.jpg

A custom modified M4.
M4 body has been bored to accept 2- 18650 cells.
Head is the rare KL6 that was modified by Matt Smith of Adventure Sports. Known on this forum as Vesture of Blood.
The head features a custom built heat sink and driver powering an XHP50.
The driver is programmed with multiple levels (5) ranging from 100% down to 10%
I purchased several KL6 heads that Matt modified and we sold on the forum that were a complete sell out.
I retained a couple of the heads and now offering a full light up for sale. Incredibly bright with the fantastic throw afforded by the deep KL6 reflector.
Price 550.00
Price drop to 500.00 Will consider offers.
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