Modified Flashlights Reference DataBase


May 1, 2002
NOTE - I can't do it folks. Thought it would be a pretty straight-forward job to fix all these broken links, but each one of these links needs to be searched for, and retyped. Takes forEVER!

Below is a catalog of flashlight mods posted on the forum. This thread is dedicated as a reference to the various mods and the posts will be updated when possible with links to more comprehensive posts as well as other discussion threads pertaining to the mods. Please keep this thread free from comment.


May 1, 2002
Coalville, Leicestershire, England
Great idea, guys!
Here is a list of modified torches. XSome of these are in the hands of others as they have been sold.
Where more than one example is in existance, I will just include the model name and approximate no's in existance. I originally was going to set up a database of EMPOWERTORCH product users but for some reason I never got around to it.
Here goes.

Durabeam rubber 2AA modded with PR dirext drive Red LED.
Benross rubber 2AA similar mod
BT1 Green (7 off)
BT1 Blue (3 off)
BT1 White
BT2 Cyan (3 off)
BT1 Cyan
Bt2 Orange Longbeam
BT2 Yellow Longbeam
BT2 Blue + Green
Benross 3D 2 Nichia Green
Alumag 3D/2 Nichia Cyan
333 Pen torch modded with MES D-D red LED
2D unbranded modded with 4 Toshiba yellowish green LED's
Ray O Vac 2D swivelhead modded to direct drive red PR conversion.
Map Torch with magnifier...modded to single Red LED
2AA unbranded w/Toshiba PR Mod (orange 8000mcd)
2AA poundzone torch modded w/Kingbright red LED.

This is the list as it remains at present. There are at least 10 or 11 torches either under construction or waiting to be modified. Some pof these may be sold, others will become Christmas presents.


Jun 17, 2002

I don't think the Images would be too bad if we limited it to "Postage Sized" images. I'm talking a 25x25 or 30x30 GIF file, that should be what? 1 or 2k?


May 1, 2002
Coalville, Leicestershire, England
More mods since last update:
Blueross 4033
Oranges & Lemons
Yellow & Black Attack
Rubberlux 2AA
Tangrine Dream (3 off)
Benross 3D Direct Drive Green

Due to limited browser capability I cannot provide any links. Use the CPF search function and type in the torch name to find a description of it. There should be a thread or a post on each one somewhere!

Under Construction shortly
Rubberlux YG3 Using 3 Kingbright yellowish Green LED's.
Several BT2's (verious LED colours)
Rubberlux 3D Cyan...
Tandy 5D blaster (20 or 30 LED's mounted in head)
As yet unnamed 3D (2 off)
As yet unnamed 2c (4 off)


Dec 8, 2002
West Coast, Canada
Hi everyone,

This thread is a simple way for me to keep track of some mods, etc. It was a bear to be always cutting and pasting thread links. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/frown.gif

So this is where I'll try to keep it all together in one place. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/cool.gif

Here are some links to the recent AB mods I've posted on the CPF:

LED Mapasaurus Series (a half-dozen or so different LED map/task/reading lights for home, personal, auto, LEO, pilots, etc. Includes the entire original Mapasaurus clan as well the dual-colour Mapasaurus, Twin Mapasarus, Autosaurus, Pagersaurus, Phoenix, Green Hornet, etc.)

"AB Mapasaurus Phoenix..."(the round Novigear 7-LED head model. Nice!)

"AB Mapasaurus Green Hornet..."(a new model in the LED Mapasaurus family.)

"McHappy..."(1AA SE dc/dc LED with reflector)

AB Glo-Lite (2AA SE dc/dc LED with reflector with self-energizing glow-in-the-dark body!)

AB Ultraviolet Glo-Lite (2AA SE dc/dc Ultraviolet LED with reflector with self-energizing glow-in-the-dark body!)

AB Moonbeams (LED-based green/white moon touch lights, with green radial moonbeams...)

AB 9V mini-clip lights (2 white LEDs with reflectors clips directly to a 9V battery)

Juiced Up! Maglite upgrades upgrade kits for D-cell Maglites

"Yesterday in the lab" (ie: recent developments)

"AB LED cordless area light with adjustable shutoff timer..."

"AB Dorcy Mini-Lantern with LED source..."

Workshop sale - lots of LEDs, reflectors, etc. (superbright white, red, blue, green LEDs, great little reflectors to fit, etc.)

AB Shop sale - Luxeons (a few each of Luxeon emitters, Luxeon Stars, Star/C's, optics...)

AB Arc Grey Kit in the Arc Grey Showcase (one of my Arc Grey kits modded up with a full beadblast finish...)

AB Mapasaurus new family members - Tyrannosaurus Lux, Veluxiraptor, Matchbox Mapasaur, Roomasaurus, etc... (several new additions to the mapasaurus family, including three Luxeon-based task lights!)

A Tale of Two LSI's... (a couple of simple useability mods to the excellent Lambda LSI lights)

AB Mag 2C Luxeon mod w/ 30 mm optics - Beamshots!
(an overdriven Luxeon LD in Mag 2C body with 30 mm optics...)

AB custom 1 AAA LED light for a local CPF'er... (a single reflector-focused S-ranked Nichia white LED installed in a Solitaire-sized aluminum pocket light with clicky tail switch...)

AB Glo-Lite: 2AA dc/dc SE white LED glow body

AB UV Glo-Lite: 2AA dc/dc SE UV LED glow body

AB 28 Watt MAG 4D mod... (28W of MR16 power in a Mag 4D body driven by 12 AA batteries)

AB Clipboard Phoenix (clipboard-mounted task light in the AB mapasaurus family...)

AB Luxeon Lenser - a custom CPF project... (a LEDLenser Triplex Luxeon mod...)

AB 5 Watt Luxeon HD Mag 2D mod... *beamshots!* (a Luxeon 5W HD Mag2D!)

AB Touch Phoenix - a custom CPF project... (the latest member of the AB Mapasaurus family - features of a touchlight and task light...)

AB MultiMag3D user-configurable beam Luxeon light (A massively overdriven 1W LD Luxeon light with 4 different beam options - from full flood to tight spot and two steps in between...)

AB Mapasaurus MatchLux - new Luxeon optics! *beamshots!*(a descendent of PagerSaurus featuring a new approach to Luxeon optics!)

I'll try to keep this thread updated, more for my own organizational sanity than anything else! /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/rolleyes.gif

Thanks everyone /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif


p.s. - all of these links are "live" - they have been corrected and work properly with our new CPF board software. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif