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Feb 29, 2004
I've got some of my projects on my website. Nothing but some crypticly-named directories and photos for now...

EDIT - Since this thread was bumped and I find that I posted in it back in the mists of near pre-history, it's worth noting that has been gone for some time, isn't coming back anytime ever.
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Mar 11, 2005
Espoo, Finland, Northern Europe
Below you can see the list of my flashlights - all of them modified. :naughty: Of course I have owned everyone of them also non-modded which would double the length of my list... If there are any lights listed twice or more it means that I have built same kind of light twice. All mods are listed in chronological order, starting from the first one.

- Mag 2AA + TwoJ Lux3 + Swshoppe's BB NG 750 sandwich
- Mag 2AA + Mjled
- Mag 2D bored out + RyoJ Lux1 + Anti-scratch polycarbonate lense + D-hotlips + DB 750 + self made 10 AA battery holder
- Maglite 2AA + RyoJ Lux1 + McR20 + UCL + self made BB NG 750 sandwich
- Mag 2AA + IMS20 + Sandwich Shoppe's BB NG 750 sandwich
- Mag 2AA + Mjled + McR20
- Mag 2D bored out + WA 10 W HID + WA B10N008 ballast + Modamag's light stippled aluminium reflector + UCL + LM2670 step-down converter @ 11v in the tailcap + self made 12AA battery holder (absolutely the nastiest one to build :green: See this thread)
- Mag 2AAA + RyoJ Lux1 + IMS17 + UCL + self made sandwich
- Mag Solitaire + RyoJ Lux1 + self made sandwich with MJ's micro converter (output ~150mA)
- Led Lenser v8 photon pump + smjled2
- Mag 2AA + RyoJ Lux1 + McR20 + self made BB NG 750 sandwich
- Mag 2AA + Ux1J Lux3 + McR20 + Sapphire crystal UCL + self made BB NG 1000 sandwich
- Mag 3D bored out + Ux1J Lux3 + McR45 reflector + D-hotlips + DB 500/1500 (adjustable) + self made 12AA battery holder. See this thread.
- Mag 2AA cut-down to 1*cr2 size + Ux1J Lux3 + McR20 + Sapphire crystal UCL + self made BB NG 750 sandwich
- Mag Solitaire + Lamdba's bi-pin drop-in: 3mm led @ ~100mA
- Mag 2D bored out + 4*Seoul P4 U-bin + 4*McR20s + UCL + Modamag's modified PTS2 heatsink + Shark 50/250/1000mA adjustable converter + Modamag's 2D-to-8AA battery holder. See this thread.
- Mag 2D + Ux1J Lux3 + D-hotlips + BB NG 750
- Biltema 2€ flashlight + SS PR flange bulb (cut-down smjled2)
- Photon Micro + 4 die smjled2 (uncut)
- Mag 2AA + 4 die smjled2 (cut-down) + McR20J + Sapphire crystal UCL
- Mag 2AA + Ux1J Lux3 + McR20 + Sapphire crystal UCL + self made BB NG 750 sandwich
- Mag Solitaire + Lamdba's bi-pin drop-in: 3mm led @ ~100mA
- Fenix P1D-CE + Seoul P4 U-bin + cut-down McR20s (My EDC at the moment, see this thread and this thread for step by step DIY guidance. )
- Fenix P1D-CE + Seoul P4 U-bin + cut-down IMS20 + copper heatsink + Dual level: BB NG 750 / direct drive (~100 mA), see this thread; chrome plated + reflector changed to McR18s, see this thread.
- Mag 2D + Seoul P4 U-bin + D-hotlips + GD 728
- Petzl Myo + Seoul P4 U-bin + DB500 + copper & aluminium heatsink, see this thread.
- Mag 2D bored out + 4*Seoul P4 U-bin + 4*McR20s + UCL + Modamag's modified PES2 heatsink + Shark 30/200/900mA adjustable converter + Modamag's 2D-to-8AA battery holder + self-made 3-level control circuit, see this thread.
- Mini-Maglite 2AA + self made heatsink + red Luxeon III LXHL-LD3C + McR20J reflector
- Mag 2D bored out + Modamag's 2D-to-8AA battery holder + anodised DHS Hotlips D heatsink + DownBoy 1500 converter + 52 mm diameter, 37 mm focal length aspherical lense + Cree XR-E, bin Q5, see this thread; optionally with a fresnel lense, see this thread.
- Fenix P1D-CE + gold plating, see this thread.
- Mag 2D bored out + Modamag's 2D-to-8AA battery holder + anodised DHS Hotlips D heatsink + DownBoy 1500 converter + 51 mm diameter, 32 mm focal length fresnel lense + UCL lense + Cree XR-E, bin R2.
- Mag 2D bored out + Modamag's 2D-to-8AA battery holder + anodised DHS Hotlips D heatsink + DownBoy 1500 converter + Kai Domain 52 mm diameter, 34 mm focal length anti-reflective coated aspherical lense + Cree XR-E, bin Q5 + Kiu Strike bezel.
- Mini Maglite #1 + Seoul U-bin + BB nexgen 750 sandwich + McR20 optics + UCL coated sapphire lense.
- Mini Maglite #2 + Seoul U-bin + BB nexgen 750 sandwich + McR20 optics + UCL coated sapphire lense.

...and more mods under construction! :D I have given away most of the lights listed above for my friends, work collegues and family members.

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Flashaholic* ,
Oct 7, 2003
My Archive:

12/03 CMG Infinity Mod

01/04 Mag3C LuxIII

01/04 1156 Luxeon Signal Bulbs

02/04 Modified MiniMag Reflectors (Sale Thread)

03/04 Sputtered Mag Reflectors (Sale Thread)

03/04 Mag4D LuxIII

04/04 Micro-Lux Solitaire Mod

05/04 Pelican M6 Royal Blue LuxIII Mod

06/04 Royal Deluxe Mag Mod, Auction

03/08 MTE Lumiled CR123A ALU DX-Sku#3342 Mod

03/08 MR-X Clone

03/08 Homemade Stinger Lens Removal Tool

04/08 McLux Collection

04/08 EverLED SSC P4 Mod

04/08 Ultrafire WF-139 Charger 16340/R123 Mod

04/08 GD3333 "BigMac" Converter for P7

04/08 Arc LS SSC P7 Tri-FLuPIC Mod

04/08 Mag1C SSC P7 GD3333 Mod

05/08 Terralux Stinger HP Drop In SSC P4 Upgrade

05/08 SSC P7 SOB1500x2 Hotlips Module

05/08 Mag2C SSC P7 3x4/5C

05/08 Cree XRE & SSC P4 Heatsinked Sandwiches

06/08 Mr Bulk Mini LGI Upgrade

06/08 Mag1C SSC P7 D2DIM Mod

07/08 Nitecore EX-10 Dissected & P7'd

07/08 Streamlight Stinger HP SSC P7 Mod

07/08 Arc LS SSC P4 FLuPIC Mod

07/08 Arc LS Cree XR-E Mod

07/08 SureFire L1 McR-38 SSC P4 Mod

08/08 Gold Plated Arc LS Cree XR-E FLuPIC Mod

08/08 Bi-Flupic SSC P7 Aleph Light Engine

08/08 HDS EDC SSC P7 Mod

10/08 SureFire KL4 SSC P7 Direct Drive Mod

11/08 Arc LS Cree XR UV Mod

12/08 Cree XR UV PD Mule & Bi-FLuPIC MC-E AMC Mule

12/08 Nichia 365nm UV Aleph Light Engines

01/09 TnC Key-Lux AA SSC P4 FLuPIC Mod

03/09 Nichia 083 Ti PD Mule & Nichia 365nm UV Ti PD Mule

03/09 SureFire KL4 SSC P7 FLuPIC 2.3A Mod & KL4 Cree MC-E Mod

03/09 Novatac & HDS EDC SSC P7 D2Flex Mods

04/09 Tritium & Glow Powder SSC P7 FLuPIC 3A Aleph Light Engine

04/09 SureFire KL1 SSC P4 SOB Glow Mod

04/09 SureFire KL4 Cree MC-E Boom Mod

04/09 Titanium McGizmo Refinishing

05/09 Mr Bulkware Mods: Lion Cub & Chameleon With SSC P7s

05/09 Mr Bulk Dragon Heart Osram Diamond Dragon Mod

05/09 SureFire M1 Cree XR-E FLuPIC Mod

06/09 Titanium Mirage_Man/TranquillityBase SSC P7 FLuPIC Mod

07/09 SureFire L4 Luxeon K2 TFFC SOB1250 Mod

07/09 More Mr Bulkware Mods: SSC P7s & Osram Diamond Dragons

07/09 McGizmo HD45 Osram Diamond Dragon FLuPIC 2.2A Mod

09/09 Luminus PhlatLight SST-50 Bi-FLuPIC Aleph Light Engine

10/09 Mirage Man HAIII Camo Mag Luminus SST-50 Dual Shark Buck Mod

10/09 Sputtering 101

11/09 SureFire KL6 Luminus SST-50 Mod

11/09 MagAA OFC K2 TFFC Mod

12/09 Mirage_Man Titanium Customs Builds

04/10 McLux SST-50 FLuPIC 2.5A Mod

05/10 PHR-803T E-Series 405nm Laser

05/10 SureFire E1B McR-19XR Mod

06/10 Mag3C Quad XP-G MaxFlex Mod

06/11 Black Arc LS Cree XM-L Tri-FLuPIC Mod

07/11 HDS EDC (Clicky) Cree XM-L D2DIM Mod

07/15 Mr Bulk Lion Cub CPF LE Cree XM-L2 Mod

Sorry, I am no longer offering mod services.

Need an Arc LS modded or repaired? Bi-FLuPICP7 / MC-E / SST-50 Aleph Light Engine?
Aside from mods I can do repairs as well even if you might think whatever you have is hopeless.
I can also perform upgrades as well. Contact me if you need anything. :wave:
(For mod/repair inquiries, please use email in my profile. Please include your CPF name so I know who you are).
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Jan 10, 2005
Texas, USA, Earth
My work and projects: updated April 2012

(2012) Sunwayman V10R Ti+ Hi-CRI Nichia conversion

(2012) Joule Thief Circuit Boards

(2011) Introducing the MagnetoDrive with SmartDial

(2010) Barbolight U9 with SST-50 driven at 5A by H5CC Will

(2010) Black Edition PhD-M6 custom battery pack

(2010) Hi-CRI Nichia NS6L183 Warm White LED with Mac's Ti Host

(2010) simpler BXA holder for 3/4" and 1" shank tools:

(2010) New bench tool/vice/3rd-hands

(2010) 2.75C hotwire host for 2x26650 cells with AW switch:

(2010) Mag D Threading videos

(2010) Barbolight U9 with Warm White MC-E and HipCC

(2010) Introduction to modifying flashlights ...

(2009) Rebuilding a DTM 75A (BXA size) tool post

(2009) BXA tool holder for 1" shank tools ...

(2009) small/portable shop LED light ... turbo modded

(2009) Early experiments with the SST-50 LED ...

(2009) Custom Regulated 6D Mag with P7 and hipCC

(2009) Mag D body and head grooving videos:

(2009) Adjusting an AXA holder for the 8x lathe:

(2009) Multi-use Kennametal lathe tool ... (with video)

(2009) Replacement MC-E LED head for Canister Divelight

(2009) Regulated Barbolight Host with neutral tint MC-E, hipCC, and AW C LiIon cells

(2009) Super Barbo Diving Light for Javier in Spain with 3xMC-E and 2xIMR26500

(2009) DIY for Barbolight Bomb-Proof Host with MC-E and McR45

(2009) DIY for Barbolight Bomb-Proof Host with P7

(2009) Custom 1xD's

(2009) 1xD, P7 DD, for Africa trip

(2009) TL3 LED Conversion

(2009) Kool Mist clone

(2009) DIY for 4x P4 + 3x 17670 LiIon + MaxFlex + 1xD build

(2009) just bought an used knee mill

(2009) Sometimes it is fun to make your own tools:

(2009) Eaton Compressor arrived

(2009) Default cleaning and mounting a 6" Bison set-tru chuck

(2008) my new lathe ... Precision Matthews 12x36

(2008) Who said 6-die Ostar lights can't have decent throw?

(2008) The PhD-M6 thread (programable hotwire driver for the SF-M6)

(2008) Custom 1xD P7 with D2Flex ... custom AW "C" LiIon battery sleeve posted

(2008) Triple Red LED, Red body transplant

(2008) Tutorial: How to make a momentary0only switch for the Maglite

(2008) Another transplant = 2C to a 2.125C

(2008) Variable SPeed 1HP on HF 8x14 running!

(2008) Mods for my HF 8x14 lathe

(2008) Fraternal Seoul Twins

(2007) Introducing: Seoul P4 U bin Turbo LED Module

(2007) Introducing: Cree XR-E Turbo LED Module

(2006) Custom M*g Light with Cree LED and Dorcy deep reflector

(2006) LumaRay FL6 and FL12 Review

(2006) M6-R LVR3i change from 6.8 to 7.5 volts ... also explaining DC RMS

(2006) regulated N2 = A2's big brother

(2006) CR2 Ion review

(2006) DIY how to make PVC battery tubes with a lathe

(2006) Kroma Light Evaluation

(2006) FM finned 2C to 1C conversion

(2006) testing of LVR on M6-R - scope shots

(2006) Pila GL3 Review

(2006) My own M6-R pack

(2006) NextTorch HID Evaluation

(2006) initial evaluation of Seoul Semiconductor Co. (SSC) LED ... with 24h burn in data

(2006) Introducing the WQ-McG45

(2006) Evaluation of round nFlex driver from TaskLED

(2006) the McMT experiment

(2006) LED Burn-in data

(2006) new cup for SF M6 tailcap

(2006) Regulated 32x 5mmLED 2D M*g conversion

(2006) M*g 1C + UX1L + D2DIM + 18650

(2006) Testing of D2DIM LED Circuit

(2006) Current Monitor Box

(2006) Data collected on LightBox

(2006) TigerLight evaluation

(2006) custom LED turbo module for RS 1Mcp spotlight

(2005) McE2S for C/M bodies - DIY guide included

(2005) Striker-VG review

(2005) bench testing of incandecent soft start ckt

(2005) The lamps and batteries for the SF Turbo heads thread

(2005) LED Module for DeWalt 18V Light

(2005) DIY upgrade for BOG 3W drop-in module

(2005) Triton data on LiIon cells

(2005) Bored-out L5 for 18650 cell + 5W LED module

(2005) Gladious Review and Beamshots

(2005) Warning about over driving LED's in A2

(2005) Night Beamshots

(2005) 3Watt Luxeon & battery-powered RC Truck
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Flashlight Enthusiast
Jan 10, 2009
Men do not step into the same river twice (Heraclitus, Greek Philosopher 475BC).
By the same token, I do not build the same flashlight twice. :cool:

2012 - Year of The Elephants

#1: DIY Elephant FM3H CBT-90

#2: Darth Vader

#3: King of the Elephants! FM3V**CBT-90**15 Amp

#4: The Baby Elephant

#5 Mr Mayhem - SR95 UT to Elephant Conversion

2011 - Year of The Short Arcs!

Superlights shootout 2011:
ma_sha1 short arcs vs. Maxa Beam

#1: Swan Blaster- Home Made Tank Light 260W Short Arc targeting 50 Million lux @ 1 meter
(No done yet)

#2: Moon Blaster-The Blitz Short Arc, ~16.1 Million lux @ 1 meter :eek:

#3: Mega Blaster-- the MegaRay style short Arc, 5 Million lux @ 1 meter

#4: Franken Mag Short Arc NHII flashlight ~500,000 lux @ 1 meter

#5: Deep Sea Death Ray Short Arc Office Toy

Yes, I did
mod some HIDs before short arc, HIDs are easy to mod but no where neear the throw of the short-arc:

Mozo Ultralite 4" HID mod:

Mozo Mega 6" HID mod:

2010 -
Year of the Franken Mags

#1: Franken MagDEFT SST-50 >115,000 Lux @ 1 Meter :D

#2: Enter the Franken MagDragon SST-50, ~125,000 lux@ 1 meter

#3: Franken Mag Shorty XML U2, 3" reflector, 127,000 lux@ 1meter

#4: Franken MagDragon Jr. Cree R2 221,000lux @ 1 meter

#5: Franken Mag spotlight: The LED Torpedo >300,000 lux@1meter

#6: Franken MagDaddy PAR46 HIR: >400,000 lux @ 1 meter

2009 -
CPF Rookie, Year of the Mag Solitaires

#1: Lime Mag Solitaire AAA XPE Mod with Carlos Optics

#2: XPE Solitaire mod #2: The smallest Aspheric Mag in the world:
SOLD to nailbender:

#3: XPE "Rocket" Lime Solitaires with Lisa XP Optics

#4: XPG R5 Solitaire Mod. with 10280 & Two Stage Tail cap Switch

#5: Mag Solitaire 10180. The Smallest Power LED Solitaire in the world.

Cut em downs

#1: Ultrafire C3 Stainless Steel CR2 Conversion
later upgraded to XPG-R5

#2: Mac's Custom SST-50 EDC DIY

#3: Romisen rc-29 CR2 Aspharicl- Could this be the brightest CR2 light?

#4: Nitecore D5 - The smallest Piston Drive Flashlight in the world

Big Power----Triples or more:

#0:Mag Zero D Photon Granade: Triple Nichia 219 Hi CRI Tiny Monster Mag

#1: Seven XPG R5 on Mag 2C ~2500 Lumen Monster Jr.
SOLD to dcarprilia:

#2. Triple MCE Mag 2C "Yard Sweeper" >2000 lumens SOLD to Non CPFer

#3. Triple SST-50 Mag 2D: "Yard Sweeper" Turbo >3000 lumens SOLD to Non CPFer

#4. Triple SST-50 Mag 2D: "Yard Sweeper" Turbo II Full Body Copper heatsink >4000 lumens

#5. Triple XML Mag 3C: "Yard Sweeper" Nuke >4000 lumens

#6. Triple XML "Yard Sweeper" on Mag 2C: >2700 lumens.

Lets' cook up some SSTs!

#1: SSR-90 IMR 26650 DD build

#2: SSR-90 on Dual Action Reflector/Aspherical Combo for increased throw

#3: DIY Cut Mag 1.5D SST-90 2000 Lumen Rebel Deep SMO >50,000 lux @ 1 meter! :D

#4. Another SSR-90 Driven to 8 AMP by 4x 4/5 Sub C in Mag 2D.

#5. The one & only fully driven SST-90 on Mag 2C: 9Amp, >2000 lumens SOLD to Non CPFer

#6 My last SST-90 Mag 2D build, LiFep04 Safe Chemistry:

#1: SSR-50 on Mag 1C Clone. (Sold to Fred Pilon/Photofanatic)

#2: SSR-50, 5Amp Mag 1C W 2x25500-Confirmed over 1000 OTF Lumens!
SOLD to BigC.

#3: DIY Cut Mag 1C SSR-50 with Rebel Deep SMO >50,000 lux @ 1 meter! :D

#4. Supercharged SST-50 7Amp on Mag 2D with 4x Half D NiMH cells.

Tiny Lights:

#1: Enter the Dracula - A XPE Keychain light

#2: Smallest Peak of all time is not Eiger?

#3: DIY Smaller than Larry Light CR2: A 14250 light measures 49.5x16.5mm

#4: Lenser K3 Crazy Nano Aspheric: The longest throwing 10280 Flashlight in the world :D
SOLD to Choppers:

#5: Make your own Draco

#6: Sub Lummi Raw sized Titanium Key chain light with XPG R5.

#7: CMG Micro, The smallest CR2 Flashlight In the world :D

#8: Peak Baltic N Cell cut down to Cr1/3N:

#1: Mini Turbohead for Peu Pineapple

#2: Vintage Q5 Aspheric mod
#3: Kel-lite ROP - In mag 1c size
#4: How to make XPG throw better than XRE? ~100K lux XPG R5
#5: Mini Barn Burner, the smallest 75W HID in the world, 552,000 lux@1 meter
#6. 75W POB clone Mozo Mega upgrade
#7: Running UHP short arc lamp using HID ballast:
#8: McGizmo HD45 with XPGR4

#9. SSK-33 HID Microfire Clone cut-em-down to a shorty!

10 ways to run 8.4V Mag 2C set-up w/o boring out the tube:

3 Ways to do mag cut-down without a lathe:

Consolidated HID & Short Arc lux readings:
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