Modifying the Petzl IKO CORE headlamp


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Oct 2, 2020
Hi all,

I am a plastic surgical resident and have recently purchased a Petzl IKO CORE headlamp for use in clinics where the lighting is not very good. I am only using it in the rare occasion this happens and for procedures where sterility is not of major concerns eg. injections, small biopsies etc. The reason I chose this headlamp is that its entirely plastic/ silicone so it can be disinfected and wiped down, it extremely light and it has a rechargeable battery. It also offer 500 lumens of light.

My question is, does anyone know if there are any mods that can be done to make the light more of a focused beam? I have access to a 3D printer so can potentially print parts required. I read that a honeycomb filter may be a good option but that will dim the 500 lumens that it currently offers. Any advice would be great. Thank you in advance!


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May 9, 2006
Atlanta, GA
It looks like the IKO CORE uses 7 individual LED mounted behind a single optic array. It would be hard to replace such an optic. However, using LEDs without a dome would tighten up the beam. By how much is hard to say. Something like the CREE XP-L HI, or Osram white flat would tighten up the beam of each optic. The white flat would be the most focused, but you are still dealing with an array of LEDs that spread the light over a wider area than a single focused LED.