More about xtar chargers’ IR measurement

XTAR Light

Apr 26, 2010
Some xtar users may have the question like this, for testing a same one battery's IR on my xtar charger, why do I sometimes get the different IR number for the same cell?

There are more info about this. For some chargers testing the batteries' IR, it needs to put the batteries into the slots first. So it's important to make sure whether the contact between the battery and the positive, negative plates is well. If there is poor contact, it may have a big deviation for the IR testing.

In addition, some chargers adopt current load method to test the IR. When the battery voltage is particularly low, due to the large variation of the battery voltage, the measured IR will also be relatively high. The suitable testing voltage range is 3.6 V~3.8V for IR testing. If the battery voltage is higher than 4.16V, in order to prevent overcharging, the IR test will be interrupted, which may also cause the deviation of the displayed IR value.