More Like "Long-Lost" than "New"...


Jeff H

Newly Enlightened
CPF Supporter
Nov 4, 2006
NW Ohio
I used to post here quite a bit, quite a while ago, but I found several lights which suited me and my uses and didn't have much to contribute or to seek help with.

Not TOO long ago, I was back, desperately searching for a replacement for the Fenix E01, and the kind folks here pointed me to Sofirn. Now. I have several Sofirn CS01s in my kits (and one always in my pocket) and have interacted with Sofirn, bought several SP40s and a couple HS05s now, and have found them to be really nice people - going directly to the Sofirn Store site, because every time I ordered from Ali-Express, my order would get cancelled with no reason(?).

Anyway, I've been reading up on their HS05 headlamp, and not being a devoted lumen-cultist;), am not up to speed on everything new and great, so I ended up back here again. I received a PM asking me to join as a contributing member, so I did that. After all, for what little I show up here, I have always benefited.

Having been a member here for years makes me not so much a "new guy," but not being so much an expert on all this will ACT like a "new guy." I just ask for the patience you'd have with any genuine noob as I try to wrap my head around what I want to wrap around my head - headlamps. I am not an aficionado, but appreciate quality and performance, but my performance standard is based upon simple UIs and MINIMUM "features," so bear with me if I don't seek out the (pun alert) "best and the brightest" lights you all have made the effort to identify.

That said, I will try to find the right place to ask each of my questions. The forum is pretty different from when I was posting regularly and SO much has happened, technology-wise, so I have some catching up to do so as not to make my interactions a laborious task for those who have kept up.