My first surelight


Flashlight Enthusiast
Apr 15, 2001
I ended up getting an 8AX rechargeable. I liked the idea of having a rechargeable and the good balance of light output versus run time.

I must say I'm quite impressed, previously only having a 3D cell mag light to compare it to. I knew the sure lights were bright but I pictured it having a tightly concentrated beam of light in order to achieve this brightness. With that in mind, I was very pleasantly surprised with the 8AX's beam pattern. Just shining it across the room produces a bright center but a very uniform outer ring that will make it perfect for a wide range of uses. For those of you who don't own a sure light (probably nobody reading this), the beam quality is as everybody says it is. I cannot even offer the mag as any sort of comparison, it is truly comparing apples with oranges with the only similarities is that they both produce light.

I cannot imagine anybody other then a professional such as a police officer, a fire fighter or perhaps someone involved in search and rescue needing a more powerful light source then the 105 lumens this light is advertised as producing. It shines across the room very brightly and indeed I can read a sign across the street without too much difficulty. In fact I would say it is too bright for reading and almost too bright for close work and certainly in my opinion, anything at all brighter would be too bright for household uses.

My only gripes with the light pretty much agrees with other people's comments. I don't much care for the fact that the momentary switch is actually the spring between the battery and the lamp assembly and I wish it had some sort of lock out to prevent it from coming on accidentally. Also I wish it didn't get so hot but I guess that's a tradeoff that can't be avoided.

I'm still thinking of getting an E2. I'm sure it's not as bright as the 8AX which maybe be a good thing in some respects, but how wide is the beam? Is it wide enough to use for general illumination purposes?

And tell me, what real, practical uses do people have for a brighter light as everybody is salivating over obtaining a 10X!


Dec 3, 2000
I read form uke's website which says the brighter lamp (30W) is use for underwater ONLY
maybe due to the heat of that guy