My "new" quark turbo --- a reject? a used light?



Okay. After roaming the forums for a nice 2AA torch with great throw and modes, i finally came to the conclusion that the quark turbo 2AA was the way to go. Shortly after, i made my purchase from 4 sevens and I just received it. Placing the batteries in and clicking it on, it didn't switch on! I then opened it up fiddled around and it's working fine, but when I opened it up, I noticed the contact on the head is rather strange. The golden/copper color of the contact is not completely covering the contact. It's only smudged gold/copper in the center and the sides look like they've been abraded. Did i receive a reject? was this a used light that was returned and resent out to me???? Does anyone else have a newly received turbo with a similar uneven gold/copper coating on the head contact? I've attached a picture.