My newest light (pics)


May 6, 2005
Trondheim, Norway
Yesterday while shopping, I found a cheap package called "Word-Hidden Pen 3IN1" for approx $4. What caught my eye was a purple Photon-clone that was pictured with a purple color, and the words "invisible ink" and "check for counterfeit money". Could this be a UV led(or near UV)???

Turning over the pack there was a longer list of stuff the light could do, courtly called a "Variety of fun applications". When I found out that the last "fun application" listed was "exite glow in the dark products"(from now on called EGIDP for convenience) I was sold, and shelled out $4 of my hard earned cash to take this bundle of joy home :D

I didn't have time for much more that ripping the package last night, but today I had time to play and fortunaly brought along my camera.

The testing:

First I tried the invisible ink:

Due to the fact that I tried it on a piece of glossy cardboard I ripped of a box, I can actually see the text without the light, but that's because I know where it is.

Then I took it all to my bathroom (the only room without a window in my apartment) for the reading-the-secret-message-part(from now on called RTSMP for convenience)
Setting up the camera for RTSMP was tricky, and I had to experiment quite a bit with placement of the light so that not to disrupt the picture. While I had no problem reading the text, I just couldn't capture it on film(read "SD-card")
I finally got a half decent picture of the RTSMP, can you read my secret message? ;)

After completing the secret stuff I tested the EGIDP with some Ultra Green GID from Glowinc. This was a huge success :D

Caption should read "I dont care if you're Superman, I've got Kryptonite!"

With the successes of the tests I could then moved over to the last one, checking for counterfeit money. Unfortunaly, the only note I got (A Norwegian 50 kroner note) didn't have any holograpich images on it, as it predates the introdution of holographics on this note here in Norway :(

I tested it on my VISA instead and it worked great, but as you sure understand I didn't feel the need to publicy my VISA-card on the net so there's no picture of the success...


This was a funny piece of kit, and well worth the $4, if only for the novelty factor. :)