My thoughts on the moonlight mode


Newly Enlightened
Mar 7, 2019
0.2 is too much for me. I use 0.07 or less, every night.

Moonlight is absolutely not useless, it's the most useful feature of my lights. I buy my lights based on how low they can go, not how high.
I love when a light let's you pick how many modes and brightness for each mode.
Some of my lights have infinite ramping, so the lowest setting is barely visible, even in complete dark.

The high is important for me as well. I use it to spot coyotes in my yard, their eyes glow, and they're terrified of a good thrower with high lumens.

Moonlight is good for walking around the house when it's pitch black.
When I go camping at campgrounds, I'll use a medium setting so I don't disturb others.