My wish list come true from Eternalight

Terrapin Flyer

Newly Enlightened
Dec 29, 2001
Traverse City, MI
"Elite Rcvd!"

Got my 4x yesterday and must say I'm very impressed with the updates to the case - esp. the larger feet, screw assembly and better waterproofing seal. The magnet is useful, but the plastic is coming off the corners already. I'll be utilizing my next used WriteRight to remedy the magnet situation. The lanyard was just OK, and I immediately made one out of GloCord for it.

As for light output - same as my "Super ErgoXray" (remember, I'm one of the lucky ones with the Nichia S LED's). What was most interesting was turning the two on and holding them together, essentially creating the 8 LED Eternalight. I was finally asked by a family member to "shut those darn things off!" Nice large bright coverage.

The Elite is going in my camping gear/backpack, while the "Super ErgoXray" is continuing as a bedroom light for non-emergencies. I can see the magnet & lanyard making the Elite most useful around the campsite. Have to check the heat off my Coleman, but the magnet could make the Elite the perfect light source for pre-dawn breakfast prep or attaching to the car while you hunt down stuff in the dark. We all know the other functions that make the Elite handy for camping & if it were only "handsfree".

Lastly, thanks to BikeNomad <me tips hat to you sir> I think I found some SS screws for the regular Ergo's (sample screw sent, awaiting reply from supplier). I'll keep you all advised and if this pan's out, I'll get enough to share. They should be very inexpensive, so probably just a SASE deal to those who want some.