N-Light B3 Replacement


Sep 30, 2010
My N-Light B3 SS neutral is getting a little old... I really like the size, clip, and classy look... the electronic switch is a little weird, but I still prefer it over a twisty... the 2-modes provide a simple UI with two useful light levels... a AAA is not my EDC, so it doesn't need to to do everything, but I would like something with a little more output, which probably means supporting 10440.

Must have:

1xAAA size (10440 support is preferable)
Neutral/warm emitter
Clicky switch (any type, just not twisty)
2 or 3 modes

I have several ITP/Olight AAA twisty's... and one of my I3E's puts out incredible light with a 10440... surely someone can harness that output with multi-modes and a clicky switch?

I am afraid to test it... but I am assuming that a 10440 in my B3 will fry it?

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