Neck wallet? Quick thoughts & suggestions. Domestic flight.

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Nov 27, 2001
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Getting ready to do a domestic flight. MN ->PA. My last flight was about 25 years ago, and 100+ pounds. Pre 911, pre COVID, pre smart phone. I'm leaving April 1, no Foolin'. I want to get my gear in place for familiarity.

I've decided that a neck wallet for basics is a great idea. Hopefully the only thing I need to access from initial take off to final landing. 1 layover, not too long. Snacks in carryon for airport.
Carry in neck wallet: cash, 2 credit cards, phone, battery pack, earbuds, small flashlight, pen, sharpie, wipes, limited meds.

I'll have personal item and carry on also. Some less basic EDC in those.

As I don't see me doing much traveling, my thoughts are inexpensive and basic. $10-20 range. Any suggestions are welcome. On my high end for cost, but I like what I've seen, and name of brand -Venture 4th - 😁

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Thank you for helping, Herb @ Wits' End

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