Need a new charger for LiIon. LiFePO4 would be nice as well.


Jul 25, 2006
I've been using a Tenergy TLP-2000 to charge my LiIon 18650s and an occasional 14500 Before that I had a WF-139 but it broke fairly quickly.

Today the Tenergy died :drool:The light stays green. It's supposed to turn red when charging. I'll investigate the wiring a bit, but in the meantime I want to get some info.

It's dark a lot of the time right now, so I use my lights a lot. My wife and I are car-free so we use lights a lot for riding bikes and for getting around town safely when it's dark.

I'd like to be able to charge LiFePO4 batteries as well. I want to start running some lights with 2 18650 LiFePO4s.

I need this shipped from the US so I get it quickly. I didn't have many extras charged up :shakehead

I'd like to stay under $50, but will consider more if needed.

I've seen some mention of the Accucell 6, which looks interesting I'm not sure where that would ship from. I realize it would also need a power supply.

Any suggestions?