need flashlight recommendation for DIY home repairs


Newly Enlightened
Dec 16, 2008
Hi all:

I used to think my mini Maglites (2 AA) incandescent flashlights were the cat's meow till I got a 2 AA streamlight Jr. LED. I love this thing - it is so much brighter and whiter. I use it all the time for my DIY home repairs (working in the attic, fixing pipes under a sink, etc. etc.). I would really like something a bit brighter. Is the Streamlight Task Light (3 AA batteries) a good choice? The new flashlight could be a bit larger than my Streamlight Jr, but definitely needs to be brighter. I mention the Streamlights because I'm ordering some stuff from Thomas and see they carry a lot of Streamlight flashlights.

I see Thomas Distributing says the Task Light has a much longer battery run time than the Jr., which would be good. How about the Stinger? Finally, does anyone own the Streamlight Nano key chain lights? Looks like these could make nice gifts and I need to get a Maha charger from Thomas anyways so was thinking of putting a few of these in the cart too.