Need help making a decision on my 6P LED. (Strobing Tailcap)



Hello, and thanks for taking the time to read this!

First off, I bought a SF 6P, and shortly after purchased the SF KX4D LED conversion for my light. I am a C-130 Loadmaster in the USAF, and wanted to be able to have a clicky tailcap with a strobe function on my now-LED 6P.

I went to the equipment supplier for my squadron and they gave me a Lightsaver LS-565, which does everything i want it too, but it says on the box that its not compatible with LED's, and it makes the LED driver emit this high pitched but relatively quiet squeal.

Basically, I would like some advice on if I should just roll with this tailcap, or if one of you wonderful CPF regulars could offer me another tailcap that wont hurt my LED.

Thanks in advance for your help!!!