Need some direction on green or red led long distance thrower



I have finally found a site where there is some serious knowledge about LED performance! I'm new to much of this so I don't understand all the technical stuff, but I learn quickly.

Here is my question/dilemma. I currently have an Ultrafire 900 with a Cree Q5 green LED. I primarily use this light for night hunting since it will throw light about 200 yards. I am wondering if there is a green or red LED flashlight that will throw light out to somewhere between 350 and 500 yards? I know the reflector has a lot to do with how far the light throws, but what I'm really looking for is an LED that is green or red that can put out that kind of light.

Would a Cree MC-E with all four LED's being green or red put out this kind of light? I've never seen one of these, but if I decide to build my own light (in the event that I can't find one), maybe I can make one. I'd like to spend less than $100, but that's a rough figure only.