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Jan 7, 2008
Indianapolis IN, USA
I have started to grow tired of my SF C2 with a cheap $15 DX R2 dropin and am looking for something with a bit more "WOW".

What I want:

I would like to get something 450 OTF lumens or greater. My current is rated at 220 so I imagine its somewhere around 170. I don't mind going a bit more floody, but I would like whatever it is to throw at least as much as my R2 dropin. I would like to stick with 16340s because I don't have a charger for anything else, otherwise the added cost will have to be removed from the budget. I would like runtime to be at least 10-15 minutes (longer is always preferred). Rechargeable is a must. Budget is $100-125

What I have considered:

Malkoff MC-E - I like that this thing pushes out a LOT of light, fits in my existing host, and takes 2x16340s, but I'm not sure if I will like the floody beam. I'm not sure if its enough brighter than my existing to be that floody and still throw the same amount.

FM-D26 bi-pin adapter - This looks like fun, but I have had a very difficult time finding information on all the different bulbs. Particularly expected output on different battery configurations, runtime, and bulb life. I have always been an LED kind of guy, but I'm up for trying something different if someone has a good suggestion.

Moddoo Triple R2 - This would be awesome if it would run on 2x RCR 123s, but after spending the money on the dropin, I really shouldn't spend more on a new host, batteries, and charger.

Any other ideas? Anything I am missing?

Thanks a bunch!
Sgt. LED

Sgt. LED

Sep 4, 2007
Chesapeake, Ohio
The Moddoo is excellent however there is also the Nailbender SST-50 drop-in. 1 mode, regulated.

Of course it's not going to run on 2 RCR123's either, tops out at 6V. :ohgeez: Dang

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