Need to replace my rc-n3 with something new.. Exact same diameter


Newly Enlightened
May 25, 2009
Ive had an rc-n3 attached to my fire helmet for years and it has been my faithful companion the entire time. A great light that has held up in extreme heat. I have a mount for it that fits amazingly well, keeps it in place and allows me to easily remove it. Someone borrowed it the other day and decided that rather than give it back, they would set it on a table in a public place and assume it would get back to me...


I would like to upgrade rather than spend 25 bucks on an older slightly outdated light, BUT.. it has to be the exact same external dimension and shape.. I could slide the rcn3 in from the back to my mount and it would stop at the clip..I cant have one that has wider spots.. any help with my ridiculously specific request?

Thank you