New AAA Duracells...My Current Best AAA Battery

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Dec 12, 2023
I don't post here very often. Most of the time I am here to find testing information of products I am interested in.

However, I need to contribute due to my last "warranty exchange" of Duracell AAA 900mAH batteries.

I do hold every battery manufacturer to their warranties. Duracell has been outstanding in this regard. I send them a photo of the batteries, I explain the issue, and 3 weeks later I get a coupon for free batteries.

My use for AAA rechargeable is basically LED Candles which I have been using for 4 years now. Originally, Duracell batteries were by far the worst performers. Not only were they the shortest run times, but they also began to fail after about 6 months, failing to hold a charge.

Although I do have some original Duracell batteries from 4 years ago, these are my worst performing batteries. Their warranty replacements were not much better.

However, this last set of AAA's, which I have had for 4 months, are now my best and most consistent batteries. They outperform my Ikea and Amazon batteries by 20% or more. Additionally, they seem to be holding a charge over their life much better than prior versions.

This new version of AAA Duracell is identified by the "ribbed" gold coloring at the top. I think they are worth serious consideration for your AAA rechargeable battery applications, especially in slow drain devices like candles.



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Aug 7, 2014
Illinois, United States
Usually with new cells I like to do a discharge and charge in my Maha C9000 before using them now.

Theres older topics in here that say you should break in new batteries, I tried this with my Goal Zero AAs and AAAs and they show 91-94% of capacity. Its unclear if they lost capacity during time (they're dated 2017). So I think leaving them in the C9000 charger 24 hours after the 2 hour top off period would do better. Not entirely sure on this.

High capacity cells don't like doing break in and sensitive to overcharging.

Duracell, I don't think has date codes printed. They do have some kind of code printed on their battery but I can't make it out what it is.

Its great you were able to get new Duracell batteries since you couldn't get the first batch working.


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Mar 17, 2001
dayton oh
I went through this with some ion cores that went high ir in about 20 cycles. A mix of c9000 charges and just plugging in the wallwart for the icom 2m ht. The replacements are chinese. But approaching the 20 cycle mark and still <30mohm. Where are yours made? Btw its a surprise anything but eneloop is better than the ikea 750 in your application unless of course your charger is beating them up.