New Bathroom - New Light


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May 30, 2020
Hey, new to this forum :)

I joined this forum as I'll be purchasing new light for a new apartment I got, and that means tons of decisions to be made!! First place I'll be installing permanent light would be in 2 bathrooms. And with this, dilemmas!

I was looking into the various LED options out there, and with this comes various LED types (i.e. panels, LED bulbs), and various lumens, temperature colour, IP rating, etc... I just have no idea where to start from.

Light in Bathroom one is distributed (or at least planned to be) like so:

Light over Bath Tub (planned 2 connections)
Light over Vanity Unit (planned 3 connections)
Light over Toilet (planned 1 connection)
Light underneath vanity unity

The room is rather small, 2.39mtrs x 1.87mtrs to be exact.

My initial idea was to go for round LED panels in the range of 4000 kelvins, 6w panels on bath tub and 3w panels on vanity unit (as it's small, around 90cm in length). Then I was wondering if it's better to get LED bulbs instead of LED panels, or anything else that's better.

Any opinions or suggestions are appreciated :)