New here, interested in a great light.



so recently i saw this Fenix TK45 led light review on youtube. it looks like a really cool light. way better than my mag-light.

since im new to performance flashlights im wanting to know is this a great light for the price? the reason i want it, is because out back yard backs up to a green belt and a farmers cornfield, and its kinda cool to go out there with a light and look at stuff.

how is this light? from your perspective whats the best site to purchase these lights from? i can only find one somewhat decent site that has it. ALSO what about you guys use regular batteries or eneloops?

thank you for your help, i look forward to learning a lot from you all and my apologies for the lame questions!


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Mar 7, 2010
Hello there! :welcome:

Not sure if i can really answer any questions about the Fenix TK45 (since i don't have one) but i do own a TK40, which is AMAZING at night. In terms of output and beam pattern, the TK45 puts out a great amount of light, however, it won't throw a great distance since it uses 3 smaller reflectors rather than a larger reflector. Compared to the TK40, the TK45 will not throw as far (from what i've read here).

And yes, most people use eneloops in these flashlights because they handle the higher currents better than alkalines. AND it works out cheaper than having to constantly replace your batteries!

If I may throw in an alternative suggestion, there is a newer light out, the TK50, which runs on 2 D-cells. It won't have as high lumen output compared to the other two mentioned above, but it will throw a more focused beam (and PROBABLY be able to out throw them)

EDIT: the price is definitely worth it, especially if you have a real use for them (i just bought my TK40 for kicks hehe). I also believe the TK50 is much cheaper than the TK40/TK45 so that maybe something you might consider

Hopefully you can search up some more detailed discussions on these lights as most of my knowledge is also from reading through these threads
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Oct 19, 2009
Hello....consider buying a Surefire or another American made/assembled flashlight. Chinese lights are fine, but American made tools/lights have better quality control overall and thus give you a better chance of having less problems with your chosen light!


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Dec 22, 2008
No flame intended, but I would rather put my money into a Fenix than a Surefire. Only because I have experience with both and both are equivalent, exccept Fenix offers features and performance that Surefire does not. Surefire is geared toward a high quality tactical( 1 - 2 mode) use, where Fenix and others will give you 5 modes, sometimes programability, aall in a reliable high quality package.

TK40, TK45, TK35. . .Very similar lights with different batteries and slightly different performance.

Try the TK35, it will not disappoint.