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i hunt, and at night when walking to my car its very dark. well, theres no light at all but the moon. i'm using a mag-light double A flashlight. that flashlight does not cut it. i need something brighter and has a better beam. i would like to stay under $30, no bigger then dual C batteries, would also like to stay in the 2 battery zone. mainly looking for a headlamp if nothing in that neighbor hood then handheld. water proof would be nice also. when i go to walmart or so i have no clue if they do have any nice lights. so i was wondering if you guy could help me out. any info would be great!

oh yeah, is Xenon lamp better then Krypton lamp???souk


Aug 29, 2000
Kettering, England
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I've edited your thread title so everyone can see you're after a headlamp - hopefully you'll get some ideas and advice etc. It's not my area really as the nearest I get to a headlamp is clipping my SureFire E1e or E2e to the bill of my baseball cap and that's not in your stated price range.

Anyway, Xenon lamps are generally better then Krypton. There is sound theory behind this - something to do with the larger Xenon atoms stop the tungsten filament from vapourising more then Krypton atoms do.

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Oct 8, 2002
UKE SL4. Extremely bright for tis size (xenon lamp), takes 4C batteries but it's a 2x2 config so it still fits in your hand (a bit weighty though). They're a dive light so waterproofing no worries.


Jul 15, 2002
Knoxville, TN
How about a Streamlight WOW. It is a convertible headlamp/hand light that uses 2 AA batteries. It should be brighter than the Mini Mag, and it also has a textured reflector for a smoother beam.

Also, try the Princeton Tec TEC 40 with textured reflector. 4AAs, 2x2 config. It puts out a nice beam, 3 to 4 times brighter than the Mini Mag. Waterproof to 2000 ft, and you can uses different types of PR bulbs, such as Halogen (standard), Xenon, Krypton, or standard Vacuum.

Generally speaking, halogens and xenon-halogens are the brightest. Kryptons are nearly as bright and can sometimes give longer battery life. Other factors are involved such as current draw, voltage, overdrive, etc.

For walking and general short range illumintation you may want to use a LED light. They give a wider beam light, longer battery life, and provide more clarity than incandescant. Some popular but low cost lights are the Arc AAA, Princeton Tec Attitude, Opalec 3 LED upgrade for Mini Mag, Trident headlight (xenon plus 3 LEDs), Streamlight 4AA 7 LED.

A good place to shop online for flashlights is Brightguy.

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Sep 14, 2002
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2 AA headlamp: Princeton Tec Solo. Comes with smooth and textured reflectors, and halogen bulb. It is waterproof. Anything other than the PT halogen, and you have to use the textured reflector for a smooth spot. Get that, and the Matrix Module for it, and you have a nice combination. The Matrix Module (3 LEDs) is regulated and makes the most out of your batteries, though not as bright as a krypton (KPR104/K4) bulb. You do get extended runtime from your batteries. Worth every penny.