New member Introduction from Edisto Island, SC


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Aug 21, 2012
Just a little about me. I am married and a father of three. One daughter and two sons. I work for Edisto Realty on Edisto Island, SC and also volunteer with the Edisto Beach Fire Department. I am a Univ of South Carolina alumni (1996). Love to restore old cars and trucks. Motorcycles have been put on hold until my kids get a little older. Avid hunter and fisherman. Obsessed with guns, knives, flashlights, gadgets, multi-tools, etc. Sound Familiar?

I am really excited to finally join CPF. Over the past 6 months or so I have found myself being drawn to better quality lights thanks to another forum. Trying to avoid additional spending I have kept putting off joining CPF. But now I seem to have satisfied a few knife cravings and prepared to really start to learn and explore some very interesting makers that I have recently discovered. Every flashlight google search I have done always produces CPF results on top. Not a easy accomplishment, I know from experience. Those rankings can only come from the very active participation and quality content of a forum's members.

Best Regards,