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Newly Enlightened
Nov 26, 2011
Hi fellow flashlight enthusiasts.
I am new to this type of communication so please be patient. I have always kept an eye out for the best the flashlight I could get my hands on, but until just recently, I have never actually pursued such a quest until I came across this website. I've just purchased a Nitecore TM11 (with some expected buyers remorse) and am now patiently waiting for it to arrive within a week or two.

I use a flashlight every day for work and depend on a reliable, sturdy and consistent model that can take a little bit of abuse and still be operable when needed. I actually have several of these, but found myself searching for an ever-increasing higher lumen output. I have in my "collection" all sizes, models and brands of lights that I have collected over the years. In my search for better and brighter, I came across this site which has quite a bit of info and many knowledgeable experts.

I am a relatively private person but feel free to ask me anything within reason and I will try to respond to your queries. I'd like to learn what I can about all aspects of my new hobby. I hope I can contribute something to this forum in some capacity after awhile.