New member looking for advice



Howdy folks. I didn't see a welcome forum, so here I am. I've already attempted to hijack a couple of other threads to help me get some answers. For that I apologize. :)

Having said that, I am in the market for a 2xcr123 light. My requirements are relatively simple. I am looking for something that has a respectable light output for an extended period of time. I know, aren't we all. My main use for this light will be wilderness search and rescue. Because of this I also want to keep it on the small size, and certainly don't need 500 lumens. I have read many reviews, thanks to all that have posted them, and I am impressed by the Fenix PD31, the Olight M20S Warrior, and the 4Sevens Maelstrom(sp?). What I like is the mid level output on the Fenix and Olight of ~100 lumens for 8+ hours. I think the 4Sevens falls a bit short of the other two, can't remember. I really like the 4Sevens output on high in selfbuilts comparison tests though.

FWIW, I own no lights of this level or category so I am pretty much in uncharted territory. I do know that I want to stay with 2 cr123's and not get into the realm of the rechargeables at this time. So, any and all advice is greatly appreciated. I will apologize ahead of time for my ignorance on the subject if I continue to ask the same questions that have been asked 100 times.