newb Observations on Titaner's ET20-A/-B


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Jan 16, 2010
I couldn't find much info on the web about these jewels but was pretty sure I wanted one (of each) almost straight away. I like pretty shiny things that do

something and I don't ask them to do much. If I'm going somewhere where ruff and ready is needed, one of my HDS/Peaks will enjoy some burn time..

Much of what was out on the worlie-wide-webbie didn't google translate very well and can be a difficult read. I've been told they are working on it so, I expect may get better.

I placed an order with them on 07Jan11. According to the tracking it shipped on the 10th and I received the lights on The 18th. Included with the two lights were 4 O-rings and 4 split rings in very environmentally friendly packaging.

The only apparent difference between the ET20-A and the ET20-B is the design on the head. One has what Ill call squiggles and the other has diagonal straight lines. Either gives a good grip of the head for the twist 1/8 turn to high, 1/4 to low. I can't decide if I prefer one or the other, they both look good to me.

The finish is grand; a brushed like. The area around the lug has a shine from what might be tooling or design. At first, I didn't much care for TITANER logo on the barrel, but it sort of grew on me. It's art after all.

Its OK in the pocket but I wouldnt want it on my key chain. Its not too heavy and its not too light. I don't have as scale to verify but It's listed as 25gs on the www and it feels about the same as my Fallkniven U2 pocket knife, 42g. Its just about the same overall dimensions as a LF2XT.

The threads were very clean and smooth in operation right out of the box. A little lube and they are very smooth. They appear to be square and there is not a whole lot of turns.

I'd say the LED tint is not quite as white as my LF2XT modded by kuku427 with an XP-G R5.

High has nice spot with good spill and no hint of any rings. Low is just about right for me and it's easy to quickly get straight to low from off without a lot of turning. One hand operation is possible, but my two do not feel exactly alike and two hands is what I usually use.

OK well, did I leave anything out? I know I've read GREAT reviews on CPF, this isn't one of them but I hope my observations spread a little light and maybe spur some discussion. Anybody else have one (or two?).


Nov 29, 2009
Minneapolis, MN
This is helpful, thanks.

The A & B links from their web page displays the same picture (the one with the squiggles) - and I was trying to figure out what the difference between A & B was.

60 lumens seems a little weak compared to similar lights, but I know how these things go. Unfortunately marketing the brightness of flashlights is not down to a science, yet.

These do score well on the uniqueness meter, but I don't need another AAA. You can get a titanium A3 with 3 brightness modes for just over $40 USD that is (on paper) brighter than this, so the only reason I can think of to go this direction is because it is differnt. If the beefy lanyard/keyring attachment is the selling point, then the 4Sevens ReVo has that covered for less $ as well in a really well made light.

At the end of the day I wouldn't rule out buying one of these, but for the moment just looking. :popcorn: