NEXTORCH Eco Star Headlamp. Field use review.

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Jun 8, 2008
New England woods.
NEXTORCH Eco Star field use review.


This gear item was sent to me from the manufacture to be reviewed. Can be purchased from GearBest.

Info from the manufacture.

ECO STAR is small and simple in design, so there's nothing much that can break. It weighs only 38g (without battery), 61g (with 2*AAA batteries).The adjustable headband is made of a mixture of high grade nylon and rubber. It's easy to loosen or tighten, so it's never uncomfortable. Six colors for choice, so you can ask for any color to suit your mood or costume.The whole thing is small so it fits in any pack.It won't weigh you down while it lightens up your way.

• LED:2* White LED, 1*Red LEDs
• Output:48lm / 6lm /5lm(RED)/S.O.S
• Runtime:8h / 49h / 110h(RED)
• Battery:2*AAA Batteries
• Distance:16m
• Material:Nilon&Glass fiber
• Diameter:54mm*42mm*21mm
• Weight:38g(without battery)
• Switch:Button Switch
• Impact Resistance:1m
• Water Resistance:IPX-4

I tested the runtimes and found around 6:13h on high the headlamp started to flash a low battery warning. I bumped down to the low and about 7h started to flash again so ended the test. Seemed bright for most of the runtime. The red mode was tested to 24h. I decided to end the test as the output looked just as good and needed the headlamp. Didn't bother to test the low but it did run for a long time during multiple outings. I am inclined to believe the stated numbers within reason aka my naked eye observation from actual use.

The Eco Star 2XAAA headlamp.


2XAAA is a bit unusual for a form factor. I do have an Olight H05 but that's the only other headlamp I have which takes 2XAAA. Access to the battery compartment is via this notch. There is a key on the headband though its not all that difficult to open with finger nails.


The key can be seen on the bottom of the right adjustment buckle. On a side note the headband is thin yet comfortable and fits my big thick head.


Glow in the dark writing.


Battery installation polarity is clearly shown. I intentionally tried to put them in wrong to see what would happen. The headlamp didn't turn on however it was also just fine. It ran well using Energizer alkaline, LSD NiMH and lithium primaries.


The UI is controlled by a single large easy to find button. There is no lock out feature that I could find.


1.Click once to turn on. It starts on high.

2. Clicking again within a few seconds will then go to low. Next click lastly red. Next click off.

3. Clicking after 3 or more seconds of operation will turn the light off in any mode. You can also turn the light off by cycling through the modes as explained in 2.

4. There is no memory mode. It will come back on high if left running for more than 3 seconds when originally turned off.

The headlamp moves on this hing. It seems really durable.


The body is removable and can go into an included clip which can go onto webbing or even a ball cap. The light can adjust up or down just like in the headband. This makes for a nice hands free plus headband free use for a pack. That feature was tested in the video.



Side grooves to help grasp the light when adjusting the beam angle.


The Eco Star has two white and one red 5mm LEDS.


White wall white LED bream. Despite having two LEDs the beam combines to make for a nice floody output. It would be hard to tell wearing the headlamp they're actually two LEDs.





Side beam profile.


The red LED was much better than expected. It has enough power and throw to be useful. Beats out the red LED on my Fenix HL30. Left Eco and right HL30. Totally humiliates the sad red LEDs on the Olight H05.


PWM. I never checked a 5mm LED for PWM before this headlamp but didn't see anything either with the camera or by shaking.



There does seem to be PWM during the fade in effect. When changing modes the light just doesn't flash to the next mode rather fades into it. The effect looks pleasing. I think it's probably done with PWM. It's only for less than a second during mode changes. So fast it was hard to take a picture of. If it is PWM for the fade in the frequency and short duration of the effect makes it impossible to see the pulse.


Field testing.

I tested the water resistance rating of IPX-4 to the max. 3 miles of street jogging in extremely heavy not to mention cold winter rain. The type of rain which could kills someone of exposure overnight for sure. These pics were taken from the video. My picture camera would have been killed for sure in this weather.

Headlamp slow street jogging.


Maybe 2 inches of water covering the streets. My feet were soaked. The beam shinning on the water covered street.


Inspection shows no water intrusion. I am satisfied with the rain shower rating. Keep in mind IPX-4 is not dunk rated. In fact it's not really all that high on my water resistance radar so was rather surprised it held up.


I used the headlamp to hike then setup camp which can be seen in the video. Here is the floody beam illuminating my small hot tent aka wood stove heated shelter.







Versatile clip.

I tested the pack/ball cap clip by crawling through the brush and general pack attachment/use. Based on the results it seemed very secure though with entropy anything is possible.




1. Inexpensive. Under 20 bucks. Very often under 15 if you shop around.
2. It comes in multiple color options.
3. Nice beam profile for near work. Lots of flood.
4. First red LED mode I actually found useful in a headlamp.
5. Takes common battery type 2XAAA. Also easier to charge 2XAAA in many small 2 bay chargers than 3XAAA.
6. Easy to use UI.
7. Versatile Clip.
8. Past the water resistance testing.
9. UL and small.
10. Flashing mode is hidden.


1. I prefer UIs which start on low first. Fortunately it's not super bright so not a big deal for me.
2. 2XAAA has limited power. It's not a 1X18650 headlamp.
3. No lock out option.
4. I prefer headlamps with at least 3 primary mode options but the two modes were properly spaced.


Wish I knew about this headlamp sooner. It's really good.

Here is the video review.

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Nov 23, 2008
If this was a AA light I would be all over it. Really like the second clip option. Versatility for sure. Low power flash to let you know batteries need changed.

LOL. I am asking questions as your video plays. And you answered them all.

Not much of a RED guy, but I do play around with it some. Red looked better then my Nitecore NU30.

This review reminded me how little light I used to use back before becoming a light junky. Many years ago this would of been all the light a kid needed for a week long camping trip.

Thank you


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Jun 24, 2018
Thanks for your review Woods Walker!
I own one myself and like it as well. Due to the low output floody emitters the use is a bit limited to close proximity settings. The throw of the red LED is really amazing.

Although it is made of (fiber reinforced?) nylon, it feels really sturdy when you hold it.
Also very easy to open up, for example to mod the 5mm leds for something else.