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Nichia 365nm UV Light offerings (NEW 5-12-17)


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Oct 5, 2006
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Order sent
So this would not be the best hotel checker. I stay at 4 and 5 star hotels (Sorry, but I just can't go back, believe me I paid my dues traveling when I was younger), however, that does not mean the CEO or the MC from the night before was...well, you get it. I just really want a McGizmo UV! It's hard to go back from them also.

Also, what to most use the Sapphire model for, I would like one of those, too.


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Jun 27, 2019
Would anyone happen to know if this UV light engine will work on a TI-PDS (mizer)? If so, is it a straight swap?


May 1, 2002
These UV LED's are mounted on MCPCB's which would not fit in the PDS without being turned down in diameter and I am not sure what modifications might be required with the reflector. The complete light engines are designed for the E-Series heads and not the earlier PD based lights.


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Nov 30, 2022
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See bottom of post for update.

Hi guys,
Through the years I have received numerous requests for a flashlight hosting one of the Nichia High Power UV LED's. I've done a few customs but pretty much just built some for for myself and a few others. I finally bit the bullet and had a run of custom MCPCB's made for the latest generation UV LED, 033A.

I have made up a few 3 speed light engines with these LED's designed to run off a single lithium primary or rechargeable. The LED is rated at 700 mA max and the light engines drive the LED at a target of 500 mA with the medium and low levels PWM reductions in duty cycle at 500 mA. I can and will make up more as needed now that I have the MCPCB's. Should I get caught short, there could be lead time involved in getting more LED's.

The Light Engines:


I was stoked that these will work well in both of my current lights, the Haiku and XR-U. In the Haiku, the centering ring on the reflector does have to be removed. I discovered that the canvas prints I have had done of some of my images fluoresce under this LED and I used a 16"x20" print of a frog fish as a back ground for a couple beam shots:



The beam is about the same coverage comparing the Haiku spill angle with the XR-U spot flood angle. The Haiku has an intense and well collimated spot that throws quite well by virtue of the tiny image size of the UV LED. What is not apparent in the beam shots but is noticeable to the naked eye is that the XR-U has a slightly more intense outer ring compared to its center. At least this is the case for the visible light that is emitted. The 365nm LED does have some visible light but it is not intense and certainly does not overwhelm any target items which fluoresce.

The 033A LED is a very impressive LED and they don't come cheap!! For more info, I have uploaded the spec sheet PDF which can be found, HERE. It is not a toy and it needs to be used with regard for safety for yourself as well as others.

I don't know what demand there might be for these but I won't know without making them available.

Initially I am going to offer the UV LE in 4 options and see how it plays out. I have a hand full of the aluminum EN Aleph Mule McClickie sets that can be host for one of these as well as the titanium Haiku and XR-U. So there are three posible turn-key lights to be offered as well as the LE alone.

If you want a UV LE (light engine) by itself I want to suggest that it is compatible in an Aleph Mule head powered by a single CR123 or R123 cell. You can also host one of thess LE's in an Aleph A19 head but you will need to shorten the length of the reflector. You can accomplish this by filing down the front end of the reflector until it and the LE fit properly in the head. You can also use an existing SunDrop XR-U to host one of these LE's. Please post any questions here in this thread so that others can benefit as well.

The offering:

Haiku UV $515 (Complete light)
XR-U UV $505
(Complete light)
Ti Mule UV 3S $480
(Complete light)
UV LE $200
(separate; just the light engine)

Titanium Mule Head UV 3S (head only) $310
Titanium Mule Head UV 6V (head only) $315

The three complete lights are coupled with the 1x123 standard clickie paks.

boiler plate verbiage:

I do want to state that my hope and intent is to process the e-mail orders for these on a first received/ first processed basis and ideally the response to your e-mail order will be a notification of shipment. I don't want to add to the number of communications by sending an acknowledgment prior to generating the postage notification.

These lights are available on first come first serve basis; as determined by e-mail orders I receive which are clear, concise and include the must have information:

In the subject line of the E-mail please state: Haiku UV, XR-U-UV, Ti Mule UV, UV LE or one of the head only offerings

Your CPF name
(if you have one)
Your real name and mailing address
phone number if international shipment
Any exceptions to standard shipping, which is priority mail.
If the shipment is domestic and you want insurance, please so state. (No insurance offered on international shipments)*

For my general info on how I process these offerings, please refer to THIS THREAD.

I will keep this initial post updated with any changes in the offerings or lead time issues should I run short of the LED's. I do not have the lights completed so there will be some assembly time required but this shouldn't cause any delay unless the demand for these exceeds my expectations. These lights can serve a real purpose for some of you but by in large, there are very specialized in nature and the cost of the LED itself is a real deterrent.

EDIT (9-29-11): Addition of Sapphire 365 nm UV light to the offering. Details in post #169

EDIT (5-12-17): New 365 nm UV LED from Nichia and lower pricing

To make it easier for computing the pricing of a UV based Light, Just add $30 to the price of a light configured with the XPG2 or 119V LED. For instance a Haiku HIVE XPG2 1x123 light is $460 so a UV Haiku HIVE would be $490. For more information on the new Nichia UV LED I am using, please refer to Post #254 in this thread.
you still selling or making these?