Nichia emmiters


Oct 5, 2019
I have the Rey light version 4 one in brass one in beadblasted titanium. The titanium one has the 219b emmiter. The brass one has the 219c emmiter. The 219b seams to be a cooler light and the 219c seams to be the warmer one. I thought it was supposed to be the other way around. Am I wrong? Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks


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Oct 13, 2006
219b and 219c emitters are different emitters with different characteristics. The b and c does not determine the tint of the emitters. You can have b ranging from warm to cool tints so you can have 219b that’s cooler than 219c and vice versa. 219b is widely known for its excellent (and some say best) color rendering. The 219c not as good but better than most but with the ability to handle more power and being more efficient and so is generally driven at higher levels and greater output.

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Mar 31, 2015
The 219b seams to be a cooler light and the 219c seams to be the warmer one.
Congratulations on your Reylights.. Im a fan

I believe you are correct, and here is why

the 219b is probably the sw45k, it is 4500k color temperature, so indeed slightly cooler than the
4000k 219c

here is a visual showing 6 different 219c, including the 4000k (sm403), and one 219b 4500k, labeled sw45k...pic thanks to maukka:

and here are some of my lights, confirming the 4000k 219c sm403 is warmer than 4500k 219b sw45k:

other differences include that the 219c has a more yellow tint. Not as Pink a Tint as the sw45k

the third light in the photo is just there to help my phone show the relative differences in Tint. It is not only cooler color temperature, with more green tint than the others, it is also Low CRI.. I do not like to use that light at all.. because Im spoiled by Nichia High CRI options.

the sw45k is my favorite LED for daytime adapted edc
the 4000k would be more useful when Im adapted to incandescent light in the evening

both are good