NiMH Batteries and Recharging


Newly Enlightened
Mar 23, 2007
Mountlake Terrace, WA
After reading this forum (I was pointed here while looking into the new Maha MH-C9000 charger) I realized that I have a lot to learn about rechargable batteries.

I have been using a Maha MH-204FS for two or three years now. Most of my batteries are Energizer 2300's which I can buy locally for $9.99 per 4 pack. I have a few PowerEX 2300, and some others in addition. Most of the batteries are in flashlights, my son's toys, or in cameras.

I now have a passel of batteries with very short to no lifespan, which is how I got into buying the 9000, and asking questions here. The bottom line is that I have used the 204 as if it were a stupid charger, setting it on the slow charge, and forgetting it most of the time. But sometimes I get hot batteries, and quick remove them from the charger. Other batteries get shown to have a red light (Bad) on the charger, and I just mess with it a bit, usually move it to another slot, to have it show green (good).

Ok, so I have been pretty stupid about using my 204 and I want to amend my ways.

What do I need to do to use NiMH batteries in a proper way?


Nov 5, 2005
Welcome to the CPF's. I think many of us started the same way...because it takes a while to read up on how to do proper charging. Many of the NiMH cells I assumed would be "history" actually have come back pretty dramatically.

What I would recommend, and what Tom has said a number of times is get a charger like the C9000 that can do a discharge cycle, and then have it do the "Break-In" function. Alternatively, you can try to do a couple of charge/discharge cycles and see if it improves those cells.